By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

malabsorptionDo you feel like you’re giving your best efforts to create a healthy body? Maybe you began a new regime at the beginning of the year? You’re going to eat healthy foods, stay on top of your vitamin supplements, have great workouts, enjoy shiny hair and gorgeous nails! You’re going to be “THAT” person! And after 6 months of your best efforts, you still fall short of what you expected, so what gives? Optimizing nutrition involves so much more than what you eat.

Is Your Body Absorbing Nutrients Properly? Perhaps leaky gut and malabsorption syndrome are causing all of the right choices you’re making to create a healthier body feel as if you’re getting nowhere. 

Most of us need a little nutritional enlightening! This is also why testing your body for malabsorption and then supporting it properly will help you achieve your desired results. Just because a food, vitamin, or smoothie full of healthy greens makes it to your stomach, it doesn’t mean it is absorbed into your body to be used as fuel. Whether from food or supplements, nutrients aren’t technically IN your body until they are absorbed. Remember that the stomach itself is a hotbed of activity digestive-wise however, virtually nothing is absorbed there. None of these nutrients can fulfill their duties optimally unless your body IS absorbing nutrients properly!

Suppose you are experiencing leaky gut symptoms or poor absorption symptoms. In that case, Nutritionally Yours and our Comprehensive Stool Test Kit will help you understand if Your Body Is Absorbing Nutrients Properly or not. Plus is covers good, bad, and harmful bacteria, yeast, digestive enzyme need, colon inflammation, parasites, yeast, ph, and more! It is EASY to purchase via our website, and the stool test kit is mailed out to you right away!

Malabsorption / Stool Test results come with an interpretation and personalized protocol

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