The Meaning of Memorial DayBy Maria Cummings and Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Memorial Day is the day where we take the time to remember those fallen soldiers who died while serving our country. There are traditional ways that we can do honor those who have fallen by placing a flag or flower wreath by a soldier’s tombstone, flying the flag at half-staff till noon on Monday, or going to a Memorial Day Parade or being in one to honor the memory of our troops.

Most folks think of Memorial Day as only a three-day long weekend to catch up with family and friends. To me, it is much more that especially since I am the wife of a retired veteran who served our country for twenty-three years. I wake up every day thankful for him, after all, he could have been one of the many who did not come back from war. Together we have a beautiful family. We spend Memorial Day honoring American soldiers who are no longer with us and saying, “Thank You” to those who still are. We have always attended the parades and participated with the VFW on Memorial Day which is usually early enough in the day to enjoy the rest of the day at a picnic or BBQ with friends and family. You do not have to opt for one or the other if you plan. If you have only been celebrating Memorial Day as a three-day weekend, I encourage you to make it much more about the sacrifices that have been made as well. So, go ahead and get involved it truly is a blessing to others that will have you feeling blessed too.

Do not get me wrong we love a three-day weekend and having fun just as much as anyone else. I mean, what is not to like about having a beautiful day off in the month of May? It is the perfect time to grill delicious and healthy food- and BTW, the grill is not just for hot-dogs! Put some veggies and fruit on the grill and enjoy some fresh produce packed with nutrients to keep you healthy! Delicious and healthy is a win-win especially with kids! This Memorial Day you Can honor the fallen AND You can enjoy time with those you love, You can have your red, white, and blue cake and eat it too.  Try a gluten free recipe if you are autoimmune or gluten intolerant.

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Have a Happy and Meaningful Memorial Day from the Nutritionally Yours Test Kits Team!

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