By Alane Archer, ND, CNCmeditation ease chronic pain

Living with chronic pain is a very terrible thing. Chronic pain can prevent you from going on trips and adventures, and it can make the simple tasks like doing laundry or washing the dishes very uncomfortable. Pain not only affects people physically, but it can also cause emotional problems too. Your mind can start to suffer as you try to think up ways to get rid of the pain. There are plenty of medications that can help reduce pain levels, but they can be harmful to the body. There are better ways to reduce pain.

One way is to learn which foods in your daily diet are contributing to pain and inflammation levels being high. Yes! A food you are eating, even a healthy food can be causing pain. For me, dairy of any kind if my pain culprit. I can be having a terrific week and then eat some yogurt or a piece of cheese, and the next day my pain level will be sky high. For someone else, the food trigger may be gluten, and for someone else, it can be lettuce or spinach. The key is to find out which foods are safe for you and which foods you need to stay away from. Regular allergy testing is not good enough when there is pain. IgE testing only tests for allergy reactions like sinus congestion , sneezing fits and more. IgG is the immune pathway that should be checked for pain and inflammation causes. Our IGG IGE Food test is one of the tops! Over 180 foods and clear answers to what your diet should be.

Another natural way to cause chronic pain is to use mediation. Mindfulness meditation has been shown in clinical trials to reduce chronic pain by 57 percent. Accomplished meditators can reduce it by over 90 percent. That sounds great! Mindfulness can soothe the brain patterns underlying pain , and over time as changes take place the person does not feel the pain at the same intensity. Some people may have zero pain when they use meditation. There is a book called “You Are Not Your Pain: Using Mindfulness to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Restore Well-Being – An Eight Week Program.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn down your pain volume?

It can be done! We hear success stories every day!

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