Mercury Toxicity By Alane Stieglitz ND, CNC

Mercury Toxicity and Today’s Child Can Be Discovered in a Simple and Clear Hair Analysis Test. 

How Much Mercury is Toxic? Any Mercury!

I have many parents that reach out that want to discuss their children’s health, wellness, focus, behavior, attitude, and more. Some parents learn what we do from friends in other states, and we can set up for a phone, Facetime, or ZOOM appointment. I love helping parents because that means I am helping their children, which is our next generation! YAY

I get concerned many times that our kids are so toxic. We need to consider so many environmental factors as to why this happens to today’s children. Mercury toxicity is just one of those elements that I see in our children causing symptoms. I see it more in the kids of parents with autoimmune disease than any other. I also see high mercury levels paired up with food intolerances like gluten or dairy.

Suppose you want easy and answers you can trust, then consider our hair analysis test kit. I would suggest the one that is called Toxic Elements. The key is to find out WHAT is in your child’s body and then know what support to give them and see improvements. Hair is noninvasive to test, so that is a good thing for the kids and the parents. And while you are testing your kid’s hair, consider testing yours too! Parents are just as important as the kids.

Mercury is a naturally occurring metal that is in everyday products. While little exposure is considered safe, a buildup of mercury called mercury toxicity can be dangerous.

Mercury can be in their hair and thus in their body! What is in the hair tells a story of what is in the brain and in the rest of the body.

Mercury toxicity symptoms:
memory problems
physical tremors
muscle weakness
metallic taste in the mouth
lack of motor skills, uncoordinated
inability to feel hands, face or other body parts
vision, speech or hearing changes
breathing challenges
difficulty walking or standing straight
impaired motor skills
problems thinking
difficulty learning to speak or understanding
issues with eye–hand coordination
being physically unaware of their surroundings
cardiovascular problems

How Can a Child Get Mercury Toxicity?
From eating too much seafood
industrial processing
blood pressure machines
dental work
old paint
some vaccines
toxic air near factories that produce mercury
coal plants

Concerned that your kids have mercury in their hair and body? Mercury is in the environment and not too hard for a kid to get in their body. Find out for sure with one of our hair analysis test kits. 

Hair Analysis is accurate, easy to do and non invasive. Accurate results come in a few short weeks. A personalized protocol comes with the Complete, Extended and Toxic Elements hair analysis. 

Food Intolerance Testing 200 Foods + Additives + Gluten Intolerance 
This food intolerance test can be done via finger prick or blood draw. It is another terrific way to know what is triggering your child.

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P.S. I love children, that is why I wrote this. I hope and pray no one is offended by this article. My hope is that I can help improve the health and wellness of our next generation.


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