What if There Was an Easy Way to Have the Body You Have Always Dreamed of, Lose Inches, Fit into Your Skinny Jeans, Have More Energy, AND Feel Amazing?

Most women that want a healthier body have tried different diets, exercise programs, mindset work, or counseling…


But the most important thing is to get your metabolism on track, so that your weight loss is easy and permanent.


😧 The thyroid is sluggish even though the labs are normal.

😧 Hormones are stuck in fat cells which prevents success.

😧 Environmental toxins built up in the tissues.

😧 Eating imbalanced amounts of protein, carbs and fat

😧 Insulin spikes and blood sugar imbalances

😧Many times people feel like they are spinning their wheels and trying this and that and nothing is working.


It is not your fault! You are told everything is working correctly – but you know something is wrong. Your are right! 

Luckily there is a proven plan that works!😀


Yes!  That is Me to the Right… Before and After!


Yes! Below Are Actual Clients That Are Celebrating Their Success




A simple step-by-step plan to show you precisely  how to lose inches fast & feel amazing. 

“Changed My Life!”

“I have lost over 70 pounds and almost reached my goal weight. Most of my medical problems are under control, and I was able to reduce the number of medications that I was taking. I highly recommend Alane Wincek and the Metabolic Mastery program to anyone with weight problems. My life is truly changed for the better” 

– Happy Client

“Finally Have the Right Plan

“I have been with Alane for a few months now. I started with just pure dissatisfaction with myself and my appearance. I was gaining weight and didn’t know how to stop it or even control it. I ordered the Metabolic Mastery E-book and video series and soon realized that this should’ve been my initial choice since that would have saved me from the numerous fad diets, diet pills, etc.” 



“Within a few months, I dropped all the weight I wanted, the puffiness disappeared, and my skin greatly improved. I went from wearing a size 12 to a size 6. My relationship and knowledge of food and nutrition have changed completely – all because of Alane and her metabolic program. I know that if I had not read this book and ordered the video series, I would be very sick by now. I am very thankful for her.!” 



😀You feel energized, confident, and happier with your body. People ask what you are doing because they notice a change. 

😀You are finally feeling the amazing benefits you have always hoped for.

😀You are eating delicious food and getting healthier every day. 

😀As you read about how to boost your metabolism quickly, it makes a great big smile because it makes total sense. 

😀 You finally feel like you have control over the metabolism. You feel powerful, confident, and free. 

😀Your hormones are balanced, and energy is pouring, allowing you to accomplish all you desire. 

😀You are busting through metabolic blocks and conquering every plateau.






Hi, I am Alane…


Hi! I am Alane Wincek, a holistic nutritionist, a newlywed, and a busy, working menopausal mom that loves God, my family, life, skinny jeans, and yoga pants.

I used this strategic metabolic plan to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks and have kept it off! I could fit into the skinny jeans I had stuffed in a box!

Did I always eat healthy? Nope! I grew up with sugar as my primary food group. I had it all… fatigue, sugar cravings, hormone swings, blemishes, hair loss, weight gain, and blood sugar ups and downs.

In the 1990’s I realized my life’s work was to help improve women’s lives through nutritional counseling and holistic health techniques.

I returned to school and graduated as a holistic nutritionist and naturopath. I have a successful practice in Atlanta, Ga, called Nutritionally Yours, where I see clients in person and virtually Monday – Friday.

I have seen thousands of women feel better about their bodies by using this simple plan. Every single one looks and feels more radiant, confident, and healthy. Women stuck in a frustrating plateau are jumping through them now! Even women who have been weight loss resistant love the changes in their bodies!

Recently I had a lady meet with me virtually; she said, “you will not be able to get an inch off me, Alane; no one can”. I said, “Watch Me!” To this day, she has lost 20 pounds, which happened quickly. YAY!

My program is called “Metabolic Mastery,” and it works! It has given women insane results when nothing else has worked. You will love it!

I created this program from everything I have learned over the last three decades so you can feel energetic, happy, and confident in your skin.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these videos’ content and feel empowered to take control of your health!

Hugs and Love, Alane


Videos + Comprehensive Labs + a Free Personalized Protocol + BONUSES !!!!!


Each video is on a specific topic to help you have weight loss success. 

It will be like getting individualized nutrition counseling sessions anytime you want and you can listen over and over again. Once of my favorite clients says she loves listening to these at 10pm when everyone in the house is asleep. 


Mindset Matters – how to keep your mind on success
Know Your Numbers (how much of what to eat and when)
Inflammation and Diet
Food intolerances and Weight gain
What are ketones, a ketogenic diet, and ketosis?
(This is not a high fat / ketogenic diet – it WILL teach you how to burn fat with food)
Understanding the thyroid gland and not just TSH.
Saliva hormone testing vs. blood tests (are hormones stuck in fat cells)
How to break through any weight loss plateau.


metabolic diet



Bloodwork:  includes complete thyroid, inflammation markers, metabolic markers, cardio proteins, energy markers, insulin resistance, blood sugar, leptin resistance, lipids, infection markers, some vitamin levels, and so much more.

*Once ordered, we will email you list of facilities near you to perform the blood draw.  Labs are self-pay and out of any network for insurance.

*The only state we cannot order for is NY. (No worries, you CAN order the videos and get amazing results) 


Saliva Hormones and Cortisol x 4

Blood tests only examine the levels of hormones in your tissues, known as “bound hormone levels.” Our saliva-based hormone test examines “unbound hormone levels,” also known as “free-fractioned hormone levels.” This term describes the level of hormones available to be used by your tissues. This type of hormone imbalance test provides a better understanding of hormone levels in your body that affect the tissues instead of just the level of hormones in the tissues.

Your saliva-producing cells allow ONLY unbound hormones into the salivary ducts. Choosing a hormone imbalance test that utilizes a saliva sample is a great way to study active steroid hormone levels without separating the bound hormones from the unbound fraction.

Female Hormones:
Estradiol (E2), Estrone (E1), Progesterone, (E/P Ratio) Testosterone

Cortisol x4, DHEA-S and Cortisone x4


Comprehensive Gluten Intolerance Testing

We include testing for gluten intolerance since it is vital to your health and weight loss goals to know if gluten contributes to your metabolic resistance, inflammation, health symptoms, autoimmunity, and more. This is a blood test. Once ordered, we will email you a list of facilities near you to perform the blood draw.


Shipping and Handling $15


*All test results come with a personalized protocol and explanation written by Alane just for YOU.

*The Best Vitamins for Longevity PDF 

*Blood Sugar Balance Slide 

*Know Your Numbers in Food (what to eat, when and how much) 

*FREE Email Support: alanewincek@aol.com 





Life-Changing Metabolic Reset Program