By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

So you started the new year off at the gym, and have been trying to eat right, but you do not see the results you were expecting……. Sound familiar? What if you inherited your mother’s slow metabolism? Truth be told it does not matter if you inherited your mother’s metabolism, you can still boost your metabolism with a few easy tips.

First, if you have not been exercising then you need to get moving, even if it is only leisure walking to start. You can always move your way up to a faster pace, just remember one step at a time. Weight lifting is also another way to increase your metabolism; your body will be burning fat long after you put those weights down!

Focusing on nutrition is super vital for weight loss. Certain foods can slow down your metabolism and others can speed it up. So, stop eyeballing the junk food…step away from the brownie! You can do this. Replace the junk food with healthy snacks and make sure you plan ahead that way when the brownie is calling your name, you will not be tempted. Try having at least one cup of fresh green tea (minus all the sweeteners) daily to rev up your metabolism. Another trick is to drink at least one or two glasses of water before meals to prevent overeating; this will help you get your water goal for the day in too!

If you are feeling frustrated by now because you have been doing all of this, exercising and nutrition but the scale still will not budge then it may be time to get a comprehensive metabolic blood test done. Blood work can reveal the reason why your metabolic system is stuck. For example, if the thyroid levels are off, even a little bit, then no matter how healthy you eat or exercise your metabolic system will not properly function for you- now that IS fru-strat-ing! We get it! We have the perfect Comprehensive Blood Test +Thyroid Test for you! This test will let you know why your metabolism is not working for you so that it can be corrected. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, get your efforts working for you! You will be glad you did!

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