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By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Uh-OH, I think I need a mold test!

About a year ago, I was reaching down to plug something into the wall and noticed the edge of the carpet was black. My immediate thought was, “is it Mold”? I panicked, called up a mold specialist to run a mold test on the house, and went to the internet, all the while realizing that if it were black mold, it would be all over the inside of my house. Black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, is not toxic, but it is toxigenic, producing mycotoxins. 

These mycotoxins cause upper respiratory tract challenges, ranging from coughing and wheezing to more severe reactions for long-term exposure like blindness, brain damage, long-term memory loss, and cancer. Like most infections, mold symptoms are worse for people with weakened immune systems, including asthmatics, children, and the elderly. 

While waiting for the specialist to inspect my carpets and run a mold test, I searched other common areas for molds around my house, like the shower walls and ceiling, under the sink, and around the air conditioning units.

The mold specialist showed up the next day and determined that our case was mold and the source was an air conditioner that was too large, causing too much humidity. We looked further at the house and found mold behind the tiles and two air ducts in the showers. 

So, my family had mold exposure, and I started to think about my immune challenges and one of my son’s. Step one was moving out and having the mold remediated, and the bathroom re-done and mold proofed this time. Next, I took a specific cleaner (see link below) and sprayed and washed all of the items in my house. Last I did a mold test on each of my family members to know if mold was the cause of health struggles. Once I knew, at that point, I started to use natural products to build us up, and they worked. 

Mold spores are everywhere outdoors, indoors, your house, place of work, restaurants, and so on, and you breathe it in without even realizing it. Once it gets inside our body, it can even continue to grow!

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