By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Many women and men too, battle with hair loss. Even young women in their 20s can have hair loss, even if their diet is good. Over the many years, we have seen this happen for many different reasons, but hormones DO play a role in the quality and quantity of our hair.

Some causes of hair loss:
Stress or an Extreme Shock Experience
Drastic Dieting
Poor Circulation
Low Protein Diet
HypoThyroid, HyperThyroid or AutoImmune Thyroid
Autoimmune Diseases
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Chronic Illness
Vitamin / Nutrient Deficiency

Here are a few examples:
* Young gal (age 20), her period has stopped for a few months or is inconsistent, maybe facial acne, hair loss is occurring, she may be active in sports or not. Run saliva hormone testing and find high levels of testosterone. Support with liver detox and things improve.

*Female basketball player with hair loss. Run saliva testing, testosterone is high, run thyroid testing via blood work and T3 / T4 are both low. Support with liver detox and proper thyroid supplementation, things improve

*50-year old lady with hair loss and autoimmune disease. Diet is pretty poor since she is not feeling well. We improve the diet (AIP diet ) and make sure hormones and thyroid are working optimally. Hair loss stops and new growth occurs

*60 year old lady with hair loss and she is about 30 pounds overweight. We run thyroid testing on her and TSH is high with low T3, proper supplementation is given, diet is improved, hair loss stops and hair growth improves.

Here are a few natural remedies to prevent hair loss.
B vitamins
good fats like fish oil and primrose oil
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Horsetail Herb

Many years ago, in my 20s I suffered from an autoimmune disease and un-diagnosed hypothyroid / Hashimoto’s. I can remember cutting my hair super short because it was so thin. Now in my 50s on a much healthier diet, properly supporting my autoimmune, making sure my hormones are balanced and supported naturally, and on the right thyroid medication my hair is thick, shiny and healthy. It does work! I personally understand how women and men feel when their hair is lifeless and falling out. It can change!

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