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Looking for the Best Online Lab Test Kits?


Alane Wincek, ND, CNC
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December 30, 2022

Looking for the Best Online Lab Test Kits? 

Online lab test kits When I opened my wellness clinic, I realized the powerful health turnarounds people had from the comprehensive lab tests. They were finally getting the answers they needed for the symptoms and health struggles that they were having. I had to devise a way to help people all over the country improve their health and wellness. 

So I talked to my medical director, and we made the best functional and nutritional testing available as online lab test kits. 


What Are Some Common Online Lab Tests? 

We provide many common online lab test kits to help you get the answers you need to improve your health and wellness. These include vitamin deficiency, food intolerance, saliva hormones, thyroid, mold toxicity, environmental toxins, hair tissue analysis, and stool testing.

When I order these labs for clients in my office, they commonly say that their eyes are opened wide to areas of their health they never would have known needed support.

In a functional thyroid health class, I figured out the reason I was not feeling my best had to be my thyroid. Right after the course was over, I quickly ordered a comprehensive thyroid test with antibodies, and AH HA, there it was; I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I thought something related to my thyroid was off.

The unique thing about Nutritionally Yours online lab test kits is that all test results come with a personalized protocol written by Alane Wincek, ND, CNC, not just a computerized general lab printout. We also offer free emails for questions and answers. And if you need more wellness assistance, we have virtual appointments available.

What Are the Advantages of Ordering Labs Tests Online? 

When you order an online lab test kit you are in charge of your health. There are several other advantages listed here: 

  • You know precisely what you need to do for improved health and wellness 
  • You do not need to wait for an appointment to speak with a doctor. 
  • You do not need an appointment for the online lab test results.
  • These tests are thorough and comprehensive.
  • Our staff cares about you and your health.
  • Many can be done in the privacy of your home. 
  • Results are sent to you with a free protocol.



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