Our “comprehensive” blood tests panel is unlike anything you have had before. Plenty of clear direction to improving your health and wellness. 

blood tests

Clear answers are in our Comprehensive Blood Tests so you know exactly what area of your health needs support! 


*Blood test results come with a personalized traffic light report, so you know precisely which areas are a bit concerning and which markers are a more significant concern.

*Many people are concerned about “inflammation markers; this test covers them and will tell you if you have inflammation. Then our protocol guides you on reducing it to help you feel less swollen, lose weight, and reduce pain.

*Metabolism markers are included for those people that know something is inhibiting weight loss and energy. They want a comprehensive test to show them if this is the case and then a protocol to feel better and lose weight and blood sugar.

*Energy markers – if energy is low, this test is perfect for telling you why and what you need to do to regain your energy and feel better.

*We even look at a few immune markers that indicate if there may be an immune challenge holding you back. We will provide you with a protocol to support your immune health to help you feel healthier.

*Have more questions once your results come back? Schedule a one-to-one virtual wellness appointment so we can help you more.

So MANY answers in one simple blood test! 


White result YAY it is in a good range!

Yellow is  a borderline issue and needs some support.

Red is a red flag and we will show you what is needed to improve any red markers.

Our Comprehensive Blood Test results are easy to read and understand.

Some of the comprehensive blood test items: Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Hemoglobin A1C, Fasting Insulin, Leptin, C- Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Vitamin D, B12 & Folate, Fibrinogen, Lipids, Cardio Proteins, TSH, Free levels of t3 and t4, thyroid antibodies, Iron panel with ferritin and much more.

Things we hear everyday from our clients. 
Wow, I didn’t know that! 
I love getting answers!
I knew it was my thyroid!
Such great detail!
Someone that really listens and makes sense!
I lost weight, I can’t believe it!
So that is why I feel like I do.

Comprehensive Blood Tests

These videos and test kits are to be used to support optimal health and wellness and provide you information so you can improve your wellness.

If you are not feeling well see your medical doctor.

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