By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

To Paleo or not to paleo diet

To eat grains or not to eat grains…That is the question! If you are trying to lose weight, grains could be blocking your weight loss efforts! Even if you are a health conscious person, the “healthy” grains you consume may lead to inflammation (which can prevent weight loss) and grains can also trigger autoimmunity which leads to symptoms and disease. This is why it is important to know whether or not you should consume grains in the first place. There is life outside of bread, muffins, and, pancakes- and it’s more than gluten free, it’s Paleo! Paleo is known as “the caveman diet.” It’s not a diet in the sense of a ‘short term diet’ that makes you feel “hangry.” No, it’s a life style change that allows room for you to adjust to foods that work for you not against you. That is why I think that Paleo is more of a lifestyle and one that is great to ease into for the long haul. Ok, so here’s the Paleo deal; Paleo is mostly eating vegetables, free range or pasture raised meats, fruits, seeds, and some nuts depending on how autoimmune you are. We like the Auto Immune Paleo (AIP) Lifestyle since most people we meet have some sort of autoimmune issue. There is no dairy, soy protein, nightshades, limited sugar, and no grains of course. In a nutshell; No Processed Foods- and I like that part a lot!

The pro‘s to Paleo is that people who are obese are finally able to lose weight and keep it off! Underweight people start absorbing better and can gain weight and feel healthy, and many people with autoimmune diseases are feeling better than they ever have within a few short weeks! That’s a lot of pro’s- and I believe it is partially because grains and inflammatory foods are eliminated from the diet. Most people do not realize that they have a grain sensitivity that is blocking their efforts to be healthy. If you have been struggling with weight loss and / or have an autoimmune disorder, then you need to know if you have a grain sensitivity! To Paleo or not to Paleo…find out if you are to eat or not to eat grains by taking the Gluten Reactivity Test AND the Gluten Cross Reactivity test.

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