Mold Allergy Symptoms or Reactions can cause havoc on one’s immune system and body. Some symptoms of a mold allergy are congestion, sinusitis, constant headaches, watery eyes, shortness of breath, skin eruptions or cognitive impairments.

This test is a Mold “Reactivity” test. It identifies ALL of the possible molds you may be reacting to that are in your environment. Plus it tells you the severity of the reactions (1 thru 3+). Our mold reactivity / allergy test is a blood test.

If your test shows that you are reacting to several different molds, your test results will include a protocol to help guide you towards eliminating mold from your environment and your body. We also offer 1-1 virtual health counseling if more assistance is needed.

IF you are also looking for a MOLD TOXICITY test take a look at this test to see if there is mold inside of you. Our mold toxicity test is a urine test.

Our mold allergen test kit is simple to use and give you the results that you need in a matter of weeks. Take the first steps to taking control of your mold allergy and order a test kit from Nutritionally Yours today!

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