Trees, Pollen, Animal Dander Testing

Allergy reactions to things in the environment can cause a multitude of symptoms.  Allergy symptoms can vary from itchy eyes, runny noses, breathing difficulties, or even cause mast cell reactions where you feel like you are over reacting to anything and everything in your surroundings.

There can be reactions to things outdoors like trees and grass or items inside the home like dust and dander.

Our inhalant or environmental allergy test kit can help you to identify the number of items your immune system is reacting to and to what severity (1 thru 3+). All test results come with a supportive protocol to help reduce  or eliminate environmental allergy reactions. If you need more assistance please consider a 1-1 virtual health appointment so we can help you more.

Our allergy test kits are simple to use and give you the results that you need in a matter of weeks. Take the first steps to taking control of your environment with an allergen test kit from Nutritionally Yours today!

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