Many times taking a “multi vitamin” is not enough to support the nutritional deficiencies you may have. Our comprehensive vitamin and mineral blood test can help you know for sure which vitamins your body needs and at what amounts! The key is to help your body get to performing at PEEK PERFORMANCE levels. This may mean that you forward to a good day at work, school is easier, stress levels are down, energy is UP and everyday tasks are not as tiring and life it GOOD overall!

WHY Order a vitamin and mineral test kit from Nutritionally Yours? We provide YOU with a PERSONAL PROTOCOL written by our head naturopath / nutritionist. You get MORE then just a simple lab printout. You also get FREE 1 to 1 emails with our staff and you can CALL us 9-4 Mon – Fri EST. We are TRULY here to help you feel your best!

You will receive your personal test results in about 4 weeks from the time the test is done.

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