Vitamin & Mineral Testing

Spectracell Labs micronutrient testing  will tell you exactly which  micronutrients you are deficient in. It takes ALL the guesswork out of taking vitamins and minerals!  It evaluates how 31 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are working within a person’s cells. But it goes even further—The MNT will tell how well cells can withstand oxidative stress, how well cells are metabolizing carbohydrates and how adeptly cells function when launching an immune response.

Armed with this information, you can develop a targeted supplementation regimen based on the results. Your vitamin plan will be unique to YOUR personal biochemistry at this point in your life. Once cellular deficiencies are corrected, symptoms improve and people often experience systemic benefit.

The one-size-fits-all approach to clinical nutrition is an outdated model. Find out exactly what YOU need!

All test results come with a personalized protocol from the lab and from our clinic.

You will receive your personal test results in about 4 weeks from the time the test is done.

We will provide you with a local facility to perform the blood draw.

Can’t do a blood draw? No problem, we have test kits for vitamins and minerals via urine. Just call us. 678-372-2913

Need more assistance? We offer 1-1 virtual health appointments so we can help you more!

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