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A Biomat is a great way to naturally and safely support detox while you relax. Try it for 30 minutes a day on 140 degrees and if you want to sleep on it all night long, enjoy and turn the temperature down to the blue (lowest) setting.



History of Heat Therapy: The history of raising body temperature for therapeutic purposes can be traced back 2400 years. “Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease. ” Hippocrates (460 BC)

The BioMat is a thermo electrotherapeutic device that enhances your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ions to improve your health.

You can experience: warmth, healing, pain reduction, calmness, immune health, mood enhancement, improved skin, weight loss, stress reduction, toxins removed, serotonin increase, reduced appetite,  and more.

Natural amethyst produces far infrared rays. Since ancient times, amethyst has been called a “healing stone,” as it emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876 KHz. This frequency enhances vital cellular activity and the infrared rays have a powerful penetration and thermotherapeutic energy.

Regular far infrared vs. far infrared from amethyst: The movement of cells generates frictional heat and raises your body temperature. The amethyst far infrared rays of the BioMat , which have a short wavelength (6.5-12um) , have a deeper penetration power and are more comfortable than ordinary far infrared rays.

The BioMat emits far infrared rays from amethyst, which encourages your body to secrete heat shock protein or HSP, which strengthens your immune system. HSP increases production of endorphins, NK Cells , T Cells and lymphocytes, reduces fatigue, relieves pain.  Amethyst can increase serotonin levels which can reduce appetite.

Black troumaline is a gemstone that has powerful negative ion generating capabilities. It is famous for discharging negative ions called vitamins in the air.

Negative ions are molecules or particles that have more electrons than protons. Negative ions are generated in large quantities in clean, natural environments. Ideal places to feel the effects of negative ions are around waterfalls or pine forests. You may notice fresh air in nature. Such freshness comes from negative ions.

Negative ions play a very important role in metabolism. When you intake a nutrient into your body, a negative ion is needed to open the door to let it in – without negative ions there is impurity and a closed door to healing.

Negative ions generated by the BioMat are absorbed into your body through your skin and in the air that you breathe. They will facilitate cellular metabolism, enhance your vitality, reduce pain, and distribute nutrients and energy throughout your body. They will also cleanse your blood, have a tranquilizing effect, and help you to recover from fatigue.


The BioMat will warm your body and keep it warm longer. This allows for normal circulation which is beneficial to your heart and immune system helping the body to eliminate disease and toxins. When circulation is optimal, oxygen is transported easier throughout your body.

If you have a cold body temperature your essential enzymes will not be able to perform their function for your body.

Your immune system will deteriorate if your body temperature drops. All disease is a result of reduced body temperature. Lowering of the body temperature is called cold hypersensitivity, and a symptom of this is cold hands and feet. When the temperature of your body drops, the terminal capillary vessels are contracted, which hinders overall blood circulation. Thus people with cold hypersensitivity tend to get sick easily due to weakened immune systems.

Higher body temperature: ENHANCED IMMUNITY
Lower body temperature: COMPROMISED IMMUNITY

Harvard Medical School discovered that cancer cells are vulnerable to heat and will be destroyed at temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius. This rise in body temperature can weaken the activity of cancer cells.

BMP SIze: 700 x 1850xx / 27/56 x 72.83″
Net Weight: 12kb / 26.45 lbs w/o controller
Elec Consumption: 180W
Voltage: AC 120
Performance: Temp 35-70c / 95 – 158 f
Amethyt Size: 5mm-12mm
Amethyst Color: Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape: Tumbled
Polariscope Test: Dr


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