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Your cellular metabolism and your cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) are very intricately linked.  For various reasons – not just age – our metabolism changes.  Our personal chemistry controls these changes and they can be meas whole life: Glycemic Control, Lipid Profile, and Vascular Inflammation.


Sample Report Cardio Metabolic

This advanced test evaluates risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) plus metabolic factors associated with metabolic syndrome, and type II diabetes. In addition to the traditional CVD risk factors, the test includes much more clinically sensitive atherogenic lipoprotein sub-species, the primary apolipoproteins, arterial inflammation and the activity of the lipoprotein- associated phospholipase- A2 (PLAC). PLAC activity is a very sensitive indicator of active atherogenesis, and instability of advanced arterial plaque. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is centered around insulin resistance, and atherogenic dyslipoproteinemia, and is a risk factor associated with CVD and kidney disease. The test includes cystatin C to better assess glomerular filtration, and 1,5-anhydroglucitol (Glycomark®) that is a better indicator of hyperglycemic episodes than HbA1C.

This test is run by Doctors Data Lab

Testing is FASTING

Items Tested:
Adiponectin, Adolipoprotein A1, Adolipoprotein B, C Reactive Protein, Cholesterol, Creatinine Serum w / EGFR, Cystatin C, Glucose, Glycomark, HDL, Homocysteine (a marker for b12 / folate deficiency), Insulin, LDL, Leptin, Lipoprotein A, Oxidized LDL, PLAC (LP – PLA2 Activity) , Triglycerides, Small Dense LDL)


1. We will mail your test kit to you right away
2. We will provide you with a list of labs, near by to draw the blood
3. Test results are emailed to you with a comprehensive protocol from our clinic.
4. We are available via email for all questions
5. If needed, we will schedule a 15 minute free consultation to review test results.
6. Great customer service! We are here to serve you on your journey to better health and wellness!

Test kits are mailed to you right away
We provide you with a list of facilities to draw the blood. Most local hospitals will do a blood draw on a test kit.
You get the blood drawn and the facility to go to will mail off your sample
We receive the test results in about 4 weeks and email and mail you the results with a comprehensive protocol a few days later.

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