Eat This Not That: Healthy & Anti Inflammatory Food Swaps


Years of experience was put into this helpful document

Healthy & Anti – Inflammatory Diet: Eat This Not That

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This is a download of a PDF document with years of experience put into it. 

  • healthy food options for everyday foods 
  • learn how to adjust your daily diet to healthier options while eating what you like 
  • avoid food reactions but still enjoy good food 
  • show your child they can eat what they like, just with better ingredients 
  • have a healthier grocery shopping list 
  • less pain and inflammation 
  • improved energy 
  • better mental focus 
  • better overall health and wellness 

*These are all possible benefits of reading through this document and putting it into action . 
For more assistance please consider a one – to – one virtual health appointment so I can help you more. 


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