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Our Infrared Saunas are portable, has patented ceramic far infrared generator technology, low EMF’s (There is less than .5 mg of EMF everywhere where your body sits in the Sauna.) Wooden saunas and inexpensive Chinese-made Saunas have panels all over, which generate EMF. 

Infrared Saunas | Nutritionally Yours Test Kits

Here is a patented ceramic chip that only this far infrared sauna has. This chip is “tuned” to emit a certain frequency of far infrared in the 4.4 to 14.4 micron range. This is the perfect range of infrared for the body to absorb. Because of these chips (the sauna contains 40 of them) the sauna emits both the highest and cleanest levels of infrared compared to any other sauna.

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Infrared Saunas | Nutritionally Yours Test KitsMany pathogens and diseases cannot survive when the body’s temperature is raised. This is the reason you get a fever when you are sick, the body is trying to kill the infection by raising the temperature. Far infrared is absorbed better than near infrared and so this creates a larger heat transfer when in a far infrared sauna. Because of this, health professionals have found that far infrared saunas are the best tool for creating hyperthermia heat treatment in their patients.

A major advantage over wooden saunas:

Of those who have purchased this Sauna, or have tried this Sauna at expos, many were surprised that our Sauna heated up in less than 30 seconds, liked the fact that the head could stick out, loved the portability of it, but the most important factor, is that our Sauna felt so much better and appeared to detoxify them more effectively than any other Sauna, plus the fact that the Sauna did this in 1/3 or 1/2 the time. They also liked the fact that the Sauna could be used very effectively in a 5-10 minute session with their clothes on for pain and stress relief, relaxation and for vitality and rejuvenation. 

Products life: usually 10 to 14 years though many are beyond 15. Repairs are seldom, very durable product. Returns rarely. ($100 restock and $50 return postage). Consider the cost divided by 10 to 14 years….as low as $100 a year or $2 a week.

Shipping is $50 in continental USA usually in 2 to 4 businesses days by Fed Ex. For Hawaii, Alaska and international, contact us. We will ship with correct voltage wiring based on your country.

All sit-up saunas come with chair and carry bag. Chair is currently rated by the manufacturer for about 220lbs. Over that, use your own weight-rated metal chair or stool and cover with a towel. (Some owners over 220 lbs up to 345lbs tell us they use the chair.)

The dimensions of the both the Silver Saunas are 32″ x 32″ x 46″. The carry bag weighs 18 lbs., chair separate .For airline travel, everything can fit into an oversize hard suitcase.  Or a smaller suitcase, and borrow a metal chair or stool.


Relax Sauna increases body temperature significantly more than any other sauna

The best detox comes from sweat

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to sweat is by using our favorite Relax Sauna!

Why not wood? 

There are 2 main types of infrared saunas you will see on the market, Wooden infrared saunas and portable infrared saunas.

Wooden infrared saunas look really nice but what really matters for your health is the quality of the far infrared generators. Most wooden saunas use ceramic heaters much like the small space heaters you can buy for your home. They heat up the sauna good but only emit 40-60% infrared ray.  Other wooden saunas use carbon fiber panels which emit EMF over large areas and still only emit 40-60% far infrared. So they use marketing tactics of calling it “full spectrum infrared” or near infrared because their generators do not have a clean far infrared output.  Far infrared is the frequency of infrared which you body absorbs the best.

What is Far Infrared? 

Far Infrared (FIR) is a form of energy that is contained within both the Sun and all living creatures. It is used in baby incubators in hospitals, it is used by farmers for hatching chicken eggs and it is the energy that turtle eggs absorb from the Sun while in the sand on the beach.

Increases Core Temperature

More Effectively than other Saunas

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If you research this sauna online, and find it is perfect for you, I ask that you help out a small business and practitioner and order from my website. I sell them for the exact price as the distributor. Thank you for understanding.