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COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC LABS: includes complete thyroid, inflammation markers, metabolic markers, cardio proteins, energy markers, insulin resistance, blood sugar, leptin resistance, lipids, infection markers, some vitamin levels, and so much more.
* Once ordered, we will email you list of facilities near you to perform the blood draw.  Labs are self-pay and out of any network for insurance.
*The only state we cannot order for is NY.

Saliva Hormones and Cortisol x 4

Blood tests only examine the levels of hormones in your tissues, known as “bound hormone levels.” Our saliva-based hormone test examines “unbound hormone levels,” also known as “free-fractioned hormone levels.” This term describes the level of hormones available to be used by your tissues. This type of hormone imbalance test provides a better understanding of hormone levels in your body that affect the tissues instead of just the level of hormones in the tissues.

Your saliva-producing cells allow ONLY unbound hormones into the salivary ducts. Choosing a hormone imbalance test that utilizes a saliva sample is a great way to study active steroid hormone levels without separating the bound hormones from the unbound fraction.

Female Hormones:
Estradiol (E2), Estrone (E1), Progesterone, (E/P Ratio) Testosterone

Cortisol x4, DHEA-S and Cortisone x4


Comprehensive Gluten Intolerance Testing
We include testing for gluten intolerance since it is vital to your health and weight loss goals to know if gluten contributes to your metabolic resistance, inflammation, health symptoms, autoimmunity, and more. This is a blood test. Once ordered, we will email you a list of facilities near you to perform the blood draw.


Shipping and Handling $15


All test results come with a personalized protocol and explanation written by our holistic nutritionist specializing in metabolic health.


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