Mold Allergy Test Kit (Blood) IgG / IgE / IgA


ALLETESS MEDICAL LAB: High Quality Testing, over 35 years of allergy and immunology testing, cutting edge technology, customized wellness plan , accurate and reproducible results, CLIA Certified. All of the Alletess panels are in the SAME test kit. So, you can order more then one Alletess test and only need ONE blood draw.

Yeast and mold belong to the Fungi family. Fungi are living cells that contain protein that can cause allergies or sensitivities. Fungi, in the air we breathe or the food we eat, constantly surround us.

Mold allergy and sensitivity is more prevalent due to our environment and other toxic exposures. People who suffer from allergies may be more sensitive to mold. Other susceptible populations may include asthmatics, children and infants, the elderly, or individuals with existing respiratory conditions or weakened immune systems.





Expanded Mold Allergy Test: ITEMS TESTED 20 IgE  / 20 IgG  /20 IgA 

Mold spores are common causes of inhalant allergy symptoms.  Asthma or respiratory tract symptoms for example are often signs of a mold allergy or a mold exposure. Molds are commonly found in moist damp areas such as basements, trashcans, showers, bathrooms, closets, dark, damp rooms, plant soil and woodpiles. Mold colonies are also seen growing on the surface of moist foods such as bread, cheese and jam.

We consume fungi from moldy foods or from the actual food manufacturing process. A range of different fungi is used in this process in a variety of ways, such as the making of cheese or fermented products. Yeast is used is the process of making wine or beer, vinegar and bakery products. Asthmatics who are sensitive to inhaled mold spores can experience urticaria (hives), angioedema (swelling) and cardiac symptoms after consuming substances containing yeast or mold.

If you are suspecting mold allergies or sensitivities, avoiding all exposure of mold may not be possible. However, you can reduce your risk by identifying problem molds through our serum blood test.

What happens if you test positive?  We will include a personalized protocol to help you eliminate mold from your body.

Controlling your environment and avoiding certain foods which contain mold can significantly reduce your symptoms. Our lab’s  Mold Elimination Plan provides a list of common sources of molds, descriptions and common places where molds can be found. A list of mold containing foods is included along with helpful information and resources for mold removal. The Mold Elimination Plan will accompany the Mold Panel IgE. IgG and IgA test result.

These molds have been selected because they have been identified as causing symptoms in sensitized individuals.

Alteranaria alternata: Common in the air in late spring and fall, Alternaria alternata is generally considered an outdoor mold, however, significant concentrations have been found in house dust and air conditioning systems.

Aspergillus fumigatus: This mold colonizes in decaying vegetable matter, uncooked fruits, plant leaves and textiles. It is one of the most prevalent airborne fungal pathogens.

Cladosporium herbarum: Considered a major source of inhalant allergens, this mold is found in homes and commercial buildings.

Fusarium proliferatum: This mold is a major source of mycotoxins in food and animal feed. It is widely distributed on grasses and plants and found in soil.

Mucor racemosus: This mold is primarily found in soil, organic matter and floor dust. M racemosus is used in biotech industry.

Penicillium chrysogenum: A major source of indoor mold found on furnishings, foods and other organic materials. Often used in the production of mold cheese.

Stachybotrys atra: A black mold commonly found in damp and water damaged structures. It thrives on materials with a high cellulose content.

This test kit is available in the US and some areas in Canada. New York State orders will need to drive to PA, NJ or CT for a blood draw. We can help you find a lab it will not be a problem.

Ordering a test kit from Nutritionally Yours is EASY!
1. Order your test kit and we mail it to you right away. You do not need a doctor’s order
2. We provide you with the name and address or a lab near you to perform the blood draw. There will be a small blood draw fee at the lab, it is usually around $25. Most hospitals will perform a blood draw on a test kit.
3. Results and personalized protocol are mailed to you in about 3 weeks.

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Note: Antihistamines needs to be avoided 5 days prior to testing and steroids 30 days. Always talk to your MD before stopping any medication.

Disclaimer: Nutritionally Yours test kits are to be used for education and research only, they are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.



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