Metabolic Analysis (Organic Acids ) in Urine


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The Organix® Comprehensive Profile is a nutritional test providing insights into organic acids and a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes. Additionally, children’s reference ranges are designed to provide more accurate pediatric nutritional evaluations. Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximize patient responses and lead to improved patient outcomes.



Metabolic Analysis (Organic Acids and Nutritional Testing)

The Metabolic Analysis Profile is a nutrition test that requires a first morning void (FMV) urine collection to measure organic acids. The report includes personalized micronutrient recommendations for vitamin and mineral cofactors as well as digestive support recommendations based on a patient’s individual biochemical metabolism.

What is an organic acid?

Organic acids are a broad class of compounds formed during fundamental metabolic processes in the body. Metabolic reactions produce these compounds from the digestion of dietary protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The resulting organic acids are used by the body to generate cellular energy and provide many of the building blocks necessary for cell function. Urinary organic acid measurement offers a functional assessment of nutrient status.

  • Functional vitamin and mineral status
  • Amino acid insufficiency like carnitine and NAC
  • Oxidative damage and antioxidant need
  • Phase I & Phase II detoxification capacity
  • Glutathione needs
  • Functional B-complex vitamin need
  • Energy markers / deficiencies (B vitamins, CoQ10, Alpha LIpoic Acid)
  • Neurotransmitter metabolites (serotonin, dopamine, stress, epi and norepinephrine)
  • Mitochondrial energy production (includes, CoQ10, B vitamins )
  • Methylation sufficiency (b12, folate)
  • Lipoic acid and CoQ10 status
  • Markers for bacterial and yeast overgrowth (probiotic or anti fungal needs)

What is a functional nutritional assessment?

Marked accumulation of organic acids in urine can signal a metabolic inhibition or block. The metabolic block may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up, or drug effect. Enzymes that are responsible for metabolizing organic acids are vitamin and mineral dependent. With this, elevations in organic acids can reflect a functional need for these nutrients on a cellular and biochemical level, even despite normal serum levels.1-5 Recommendations for nutrient supplementation based on elevated organic acid results are generated using a literature-based proprietary algorithm. Traditionally, urinary organic acid assessment has been used in neonatal/pediatric medicine to identify genetic inborn errors of metabolism, with severity depending on the degree and type of error.* In many cases of genetic inborn errors, the enzymatic defect may be compensated for by high doses of specific vitamin and mineral cofactors and/or dietary interventions. Intervention with higher-dose nutrient cofactors may also be effective in cases of decreased enzyme activity due to causes other than frank inborn errors.

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