quick weight loss for spring break, quick weight loss, why cant I lose weightBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

If your new year’s resolution did not quite work out for you do not worry, most new year’s resolutions do not work out for the majority of the people who make them. However, by this time with spring right around the corner, you may be in a bit of a panic if you are planning on spending your time at a pool or the beach and now wishing that you would have stuck to your resolution! That is totally OK because you can still lose weight in time for Spring Break!

By getting a little exercise in and with better nutrition, you can shed some pounds quickly and naturally. Exercising can be as easy as walking at least twenty minutes five days a week, or doing any type of cardio, or doing interval training. The key is to just get moving to achieve your goals! Now is the time to eliminate all sugary sweets and high-calorie carbs along with saturated fats. I know that can be hard especially if you have a sweet tooth or enjoy breakfast foods like doughnuts and pastries. Instead, try opting for more protein in the morning with foods like an omelet with veggies, or turkey sausage and eggs, this will keep you full longer and help you lose weight. You can have fat, but it needs to be the good fat like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Healthy fats will help you feel full longer too and help you burn unwanted fat which equals weight loss too!

As you can see you do not need to be “hangry” to have a quick weight loss; you just need the right foods to help you feel full. If you have been eating healthy and exercising but still can not lose weight you could have a food sensitivity that is blocking your weight loss efforts. Yes, you heard me correctly, some “healthy” foods can stop weight loss or cause weight gain. There is an easy way to find out just by taking performing our Food Allergy Test. Our Food Allergy Test will test for up to 184 IgG foods which are the delayed food reactions, and it also screens for 25 IgE foods which are the immediate responses. Plus our Food Allergy Test comes with a full-color rotation diet in about three weeks after your blood draw. No need to food journal for at least two months (who has that kind of time anyways?) when you can find out precisely what foods you need to avoid in less than half the time than it takes to write a food journal. We have the tools to help you lose weight, so this Spring Break own it and enjoy it!

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