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I can not tell you how excited I am to talk about hypothyroidism! The reason why is because this is very personal to me and I want to give you hope. You see, several years ago I started struggling with my weight, and I was not eating any differently, but I was gaining weight rapidly. On top of gaining weight, I was severely fatigued. I knew that something was wrong and even suspected that I might have a thyroid issue because my mom also has hypothyroid. Therefore, I went to the doctor- actually, I went to several doctors over the years, and they did the standard blood work and would tell me that everything came back normal. One of the doctors suggested Prozac because I slept so much, which I replied, “No.” I was not depressed, my life was great except that I was too tired to do anything and I kept gaining weight (which hurt my self-esteem.) Other doctors suggested that I just needed to get motivated to go to the gym, but I was too lethargic to work out. Well by the time I was up sixty pounds, they tested me again…and surprise I was told what I already knew deep inside that I was really suffering from hypothyroid!

Sixty whopping pounds later! Omgness. I was put on different medications to try to get the right thyroid levels. However, none of the prescriptions helped me to feel energetic like I used to feel and I had significant hair loss. The medicine that I now take works best. My journey is just one of many women who have been misdiagnosed, and this is most likely due to the medical range for diagnosing a thyroid condition plus the problem of T3 levels not being tested. It is very common for most traditional clinics to only test TSH levels and not to check Free T3 and Free T4 or thyroid antibodies. The optimal range for TSH and a healthy thyroid function should be 2.0 and under. Plus if either Free T3 or Free T4 are low, you may be suffering from hypothyroid symptoms, even if TSH is within normal limits.

If you struggle with hypothyroid symptoms and your blood work keeps coming back “normal” we want you to know that we thoroughly understand the struggle. That is why we offer Comprehensive Thyroid Testing. Our thyroid tests reveal way more information than the standard TSH levels, and it will tell you if you really do suffer from Hypothyroid. Do not be misdiagnosed like I was for years- Take your health into your own hands and get tested today!

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