is resistant starch good for gut health, test for gut health, gut health test, resistant starch benefits, resistant starch By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

What is resistant starch? Resistant starch (RS for short) is a type of starch that “resists” digestion in the stomach and the intestines. The undigested starch begins a fermentation. This is where the magic happens because bacteria attaches and digests the starch for us. The resistant starch invites all the “good” bacteria to feast so that they can benefit from nutrients and put a halt to bad bacteria taking over the gut and causing all kinds of nasty problems.

How does resistant starch help the gut? When the good bacteria feast on the resistant starch, they produce several types of fatty chain acids; butyrate is one of them. Butyrate supports and heals the gut’s lining, colon, and overall health. Butyrate also decreases inflammation, increases metabolism, and improves stress resistance. You can easily get resistant starch by eating a cooked then cooled potato, legumes, and parboiled rice. Try to think potato salad, rice salad, and bean dips. The trick is that these types of resistant starches need to be cold. You can also purchase resistant starch powders and add them in plain water or to a smoothie. Not only are resistant starches great for the gut, but there is a bonus…remember when I said that butyrate increase the metabolism? Well, resistant starches have also been used for weight loss too- woot-woot!

Now you know why resistant starch is essential for your gut health. Therefore you may want to give it a try but do it sl-ow-ly, or you could end up with gas.

Not having a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut can be the beginning of uncomfortable digestive issue or even worse… disease. Anyone who regularly experiences the symptoms below should take an extra step further by testing his or her gut health with our Comprehensive Stool Test.

You can benefit from our stool test if you experience any of these symptoms below:
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Ulcerative Colitis
Crohn’s disease
gas and bloating
acid reflux
constant hunger
lack of appetite
weight gain or weight loss
stomach aches and pains
undigested food
inability to do normal activities for fear of GI distress symptoms

If you have ever had a “gut feeling” that something inside was off; Making sure that your gut is healthy is now easier than ever with our Comprehensive Stool Test Kit! Many gut issues can be reversed, but FIRST, you need to know your guts status.

We want to help you be YOUR healthiest inside and out!

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