By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

saliva test for hormone imbalance We have hormones, that is a fact. But why do the female hormones do what they do to us? Why do they keep changing and upsetting our “normal”. It all seems to begin when we gals get our first period!

Days before I got my very first menstrual cycle I remember my mom saying I was very emotional. I was getting upset over the silliest things. Then once the period showed up, what ever I was being emotional over did not matter anymore. I was over it and feeling better. Of course this cycle continued as I aged with PMS symptoms every single month accompanied by mood swings. Looking back I feel bad for my dad. We had 3 teenage girls all going through PMS, mood swings and sharing one bathroom in our house. Goodness gracious!

PMS continued until I reached age 40 and pre-menopause started. I remember hanging out with a medical doctor I really liked and told her I am getting my period twice a month and PMS twice a month too. I asked her to help stop this please. We did a saliva test for hormone imbalance and she put me on progesterone and the double monthly periods stopped and my moods seemed to be better.

I see many different types of hormone imbalance symptoms at my clinic. The saliva tests have been so helpful in guiding me as to what the clients need. Some have high testosterone and PCOS symptoms, others have high estrogen and low progesterone and Pre menopause symptoms and so on. The suffering can stop, hormones can be balanced and so can your moods.

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