Saliva Tests For Hormones Show Different Results?By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Ladies...and gentlemen, let’s discuss what a saliva test is and how it helps improve hormone balance! Hormones are one area that I’ve had more experience in one lifetime than I’d ever want. Since I was eleven years old, I am sure my hormones were all over the place, and so was I! I dealt with acne, horrible cramping, mood swings, and maybe I had a bit of an attitude most of the time!

Doing a saliva hormone test would have made a world of difference if I’d only known the best way to do that. There are traditional blood tests and saliva test kits available today but can blood, and saliva test show different results? Yes, they can! I will show you how.

It’s pretty standard to think that our bodies’ hormone results should begin with a blood draw; however, this isn’t always the best-case scenario. Saliva test for hormones has come quite a long way since the 1980s. So far, we now know that blood, and saliva tests for hormones CAN show entirely different results. For example, at Nutritionally Yours, we have clients who’ve blood tests that have demonstrated LOW results. Still, a saliva hormone test shows certain hormones are HIGH and lead to symptoms of an overabundance of hormones.

One sign of HIGH Hormone levels in a saliva test is the inability to lose weight. Over time hormones become “stuck” in our fat cells; thus, a liver and tissue detox may be in order. We can suggest healthy and productive ways in the protocols we send with the saliva test results.

We also get plenty of young women that say their blood tests for hormones are normal. Still, they are hair loss, acne, and irregular or painful periods. A hormones saliva test may show high androgen hormones, which need to be reduced, and her female hormones thrive, and symptoms and confidence improves.

A saliva hormone test  shows different results than blood. Unlike blood-based tests, saliva tests measure the free, unbound hormones that act on the target tissue. About 95 to 99% of steroid hormones in our bloodstream are bound to proteins. On the other hand, Saliva contains unbound, bioavailable (meaning the body can use it) hormone levels. These saliva tissue concentration levels better represent circulating levels of free hormones. Free hormones are likely to affect our body and be responsible for symptoms related to excess or deficiencies of certain hormones.

Also, among the great things about a saliva test is it is non-invasive and stress-free. Our saliva test kits can be done at home at your convenience, and after being collected, the samples are mailed to our lab for testing. Results are emailed to you in about two weeks with a supportive hormone protocol.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, consider one of our hormone test kits.

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