By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Test for Mold If you have been wondering if you are allergic to mold and are experiencing symptoms associated with mold, then you definitely should Test For Mold! Mold is everywhere in the environment, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Since mold spores are in the air that we breathe, life can become difficult for those who are susceptible to mold allergies or mold sensitivities. Because we can not always see the mold spores, we can not always avoid them. If you are allergic to mold, it could be affecting your health.

People who suffer from respiratory infections or have difficulty breathing should consider testing for mold because it could be the aggravating culprit. Mold can also cause or trigger asthma. Here are some symptoms that are similar to Both mold allergies and respiratory allergies:
Runny or stuffy nose
A cough and postnasal drip
Itchy eyes, nose, and throat
Watery or irritated eyes
Dry, scaly skin
Nasal congestion
Runny nose

These symptoms are the response of the immune system when it does not recognize the mold spores and considers the mold to be an invader. Not everyone who has mold allergies suffer the same; some people may experience symptoms seasonally or all year long or only when directly exposed to high amounts of mold.

Some ways of reducing your risks if you are indeed allergic to mold are:
Try not to stay in damp places.
Make sure that your home does not have a high amount of humidity, if it does, purchase a dehumidifier.
Clear up leaves; they can be a perfect breeding ground for mold.
Clean up liquid spills; they also can be fertile ground for mold.
Check your home for leaks and hidden mold spores. They can hide behind shower tiles, under toilets and tubs, under sinks and even in the air ducts.

Why get tested for a mold reaction? Sometimes we do not realize our immune system is trying to tell us something, like it is reacting to mold! We had a young boy at our clinic that ate healthy, had a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around. All of a sudden he started having asthma and debilitating fatigue. We changed his diet more, supported with some supplements with very little change. It had to be an allergy and had to be in the home! His home was tested for mold and it was found in multiple places. Once the mold was removed his IgG and IgM Mold reactivity went down and his symptoms improved!

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