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Not Feeling Well and Looking for a Top Sibo Test? Want a test for sibo so you  know what is happening in your small intestine and how to feel better?

Sibo Test | #1 Best Test For Sibo | Small Intestine Test

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Sibo is 10 to the 5th organisms of bacteria in the small intestine. The small intestine is not completely sterile and when it is 10 to the 5th or 6th we experience health issues. Bacteria should be in the large intestine and not move to the small intestine. When it does, we have symptoms. 

Why is a SIBO Test Important?
84% of people with IBS have SIBO, it is the cause of leaky gut and this is one of the factors that lead to autoimmunity.

SIBO is linked to Chronic fatigue, pain, ehlers danlos syndrome, malabsorption plus more. 

Consider SIBO when gut issues and other issues too. 

Bacteria that moves from the large to the small intestine are called lipopolysaccharides. SIBO release Polysaccharides which cause leaky gut and then autoimmune. 

3 Things Cause Autoimmunity. 

  • There is an environmental trigger 
  • genetic issue
  • intestinal permeability. 

How Do We Get SIBO? 

  • We get some acute infection and symptoms
  • Most of the bacteria causing the symptoms cause the release of toxins that causes a reaction that slows down the movement of stool out of the body. 

Large intestine bacteria moves to small intestine and if there is proper movement in the GI tract, it moves the bacteria out. This toxin slows the movement down and we cannot flush bacteria out. Then we get gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea. 

Abdominal surgery and low stomach acid are other causes of SIBO. 

70% of SIBO is caused by food poisoning reaction. When you have food poisoning please consider SIBO, even if your symptoms are not bad. 

These videos and test kits are to be used to support optimal health and wellness and provide you information so you can improve your wellness.
If you are not feeling well see your medical doctor.
IBS Sure / SIBO: Yes, we have an easy test for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth that is more accurate than a breath test!

IBSSure is a simple SIBO test (blood) for 2 antibodies that are indicative of bacterial-pathogen-induced motility dysfunction, which can lead to increased incidence of SIBO.

Anti Vinculin ab
Anti – Cytolethal Distending Toxin BIGG

SIBO plain and simple: A toxin is released most likely due to food poisoning which is called Cytolethal Distending Toxin. You may feel like you have an “acute” gastro infection. This toxin causes antibodies to be produced which causes an autoimmune type of reaction. This process slows down the bacteria cleansing process called the Migrating Motor Function.

It is normal to have some bacteria in the small intestine, but when it reaches over 105-106 organisms / ml it is out of range and  out of control. Basically the bacteria in the large intestine has moved to the small intestine and is out of control and in the wrong place.

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3. Comprehensive, full color results will be emailed to you in about three weeks from the time the lab receives the sample along with a individualized protocol
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Please feel free to contact us via email:  alanepndsupport@gmail.com, or by phone at: 678-372-2913. 

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