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Hello Friends!

I’m Alane, a holistic nutritionist, naturopath and an educator of the Simple Fat Burn program. I am so grateful and happy you have decided to take this course. I promise to provide you with the details you need and desire to help you become healthier and fat burning. 

My goal in life is to enable people with the information and tools they need to become healthier so they can accomplish their goals, desires and callings in this wonderful life. I have spent over 30 years in the field of holistic nutrition, natural health and healing and have helped thousands of people conquer their weight loss battle and many other health challenges. 

Do I understand your frustration and desire to become healthy, fit and lean? Absolutely! I grew up in a home where sugar was the #1 food group available. I was addicted to it. Breakfast would be a high sugary cereal, lunch would be loaded with carbs and sugar and of course a sugary snack, 3pm snack would be a twinkie, devil dog, suzie Q followed by a lollipop and dinner – well let’s just say that by dinner time I was pretty cranky and not hungry for anything mom had cooked. 

I had acne, brain fog, weight gain, thin hair, smiled very little and did not understand why I looked unhealthy and felt so bad. 

At age 20 I came down with a serious medical condition and over a period of 10 long years I had to learn how to get my life and health back and it started with a journey learning all  I could about food. As I slowly improved I started working in a health food store in NJ. I had a light bulb moment as my life’s calling. i slowly realized I wanted to be that person that provided answers and clarity to the people coming into the stores. They needed to know what they were eating and taking, as far as supplements were best for their body and health. I always say that I do not believe in wasting time, money and energy and good information is the key to clarity and achieving health and weight goals. 

Now I am 58 and I am told I do not look a day over 40 . It works! I feel great. 

Over the last few years I have taken several courses in mindset, motivation and fat loss. There is a strong connection between our thoughts and our successes. I use science and math based facts to teach people what they need to do to achieve health, wellness and lean body mass. 

What my video series will teach you.
Learn how to reset your metabolism to work for you and not against you
What food to eat to unlock fat burning and weight loss success
Secrets I use personally to keep on fat burning even without exercise
How hormone and thyroid levels affect success and how to properly test for success.
Food intolerances – are the foods you are eating stopping weight from coming off?
Learn how to keep your mind on success and yes you can do this!

I wake up each day with a smile on my face knowing my years of work will help the next person to achieve success and live life to the fullest. I truly love what I do. I listen, I care and I provide helpful information and clarity to others. 

If you need more 1 to 1 guidance, please reach out to my office, I would love to work with you more. I have a clinic in Atlanta, GA and I work virtually too so I can help people all over the country and the world that struggle with food, weight and other health challenges. 

Remember, every step, even a baby step, is a step in the right direction. 

I look forward to celebrating your successes! 



Purchase This Metabolic Mastery Series: Click Here


“No other program has worked for me. I work out 5x a week and could not lose weight. After 3 weeks I have lost 13 pounds!” N.P.