By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

stool collection kitLeaky gut is a condition involving many different symptoms which may or may not relate to one another. When someone has leaky gut, they have issues in their gut that may or may not point to each other or towards any one specific disorder. The gut is the center of all health in the body – food is processed there and waste/nutrients are distributed throughout the body accordingly. This means that gut related issues can present as gut symptoms such as irritable bowel, or can travel as far as presenting symptoms in the brain. This also means that symptoms can often be confused as other conditions when really they are problems in the gut. Some of the symptoms of leaky gut people may have are skin challenges, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, stomach aches, mal-absorption and more.

Leaky gut is given its name due to the issues with intestinal permeability that are associated with it. This means that either the gut does not allow nutrients out, or it allows both nutrients and waste into the body. If you struggle with general gut health, or any of the above mentioned symptoms, we recommend a stool collection kit to see if you might have leaky gut or pathogens. Once we have your results, we give you a detailed protocol to get you back on track to feeling better.

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