By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummingsstressed out, adrenal test kit

Stress is a natural part of life BUT constantly being stressed out is no way to live a happy, healthy life! Here are three simple steps to help you re-balance. Speaking of balance, not only will I share the three steps of why and how it helps, but I will also share adverse effects of what happens when you do not take these three steps.

Nutrition– Good in is good out. Feed yourself healthy, whole foods by choosing mostly organic foods and avoid unhealthy fast foods and packaged food.

Sleep-Getting enough sleep is just as necessary as eating. Sleep promotes the body’s growth, restoration, and self-healing which is necessary for survival too. Want excellent performance? Get more Zzzz’s in!

Exercise– Get active and do something you enjoy, whether it be dancing, sports, weights, or an outdoor activity! Being outdoors in nature is a bonus when it comes to relaxing your mind.

Causes of Stress
Stressors that you can control are nutrition, sleep, and exercise and all three will either work for you or against you depending on negative OR positive actions- regardless, the choice is Yours.

Nutrition– Eating a poor diet causes stress to your body and overall well-being. Think about it, if you are eating pesticide foods that kill pests, what do you think all those chemicals are doing to your health? Consuming too much sugar, bad fats, and junk food-can be wreaking havoc on your health too.

Sleep– Not getting enough sleep can cause lack of cognitive function the next day, drowsiness, weight gain, moodiness, chronic diseases, weak immune system, digestive issues,  cardiovascular problems. Most people think that skimping on sleep is not that serious, however, as you can see, the effects are far more severe. Help your mind and body by getting the right amount of sleep!

Exercise– People who are stressed out, usually do not have the time or energy to take care of themselves by exercising which is ironic because exercising reduces stress and improves health! If life is busy, hire a trainer to come to your home, we even know one that does skype training!

Sometimes, trying to do these three simple steps alone may not seem to help for those who have a cortisol imbalance or adrenal fatigue. High cortisol levels can actually be related the symptoms above like, weight gain, depression or moodiness. It can also be the reason why one is not able to sleep and suffer from fatigue or insomnia. Fortunately, cortisol levels can be restored and balanced naturally. The first step is to have your cortisol levels tested with our Adrenal Test Kit that checks the cortisol levels through saliva!

Life is too short to be stressed out! Get tested and start living the good life- Without stress!

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