is sugar really bad By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Donna Manrique

Life can be tough for many, we get tired and burned out and when we do………..many people tend to reach for SUGAR to help them get through the day. After all, sugar is mother nature’s sweetener and occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, perfectly healthy, right? Well, not so sure of that!

In 2014, researchers were able to scientifically show that ingesting too much added sugar
could significantly increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.“

1 soda per day = Increases your risk of dying due to cardiovascular disease increases by 1/3
2 soda’s per day = Increases your risk of dying due to cardiovascular disease by 26%, and as an added bonus increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Too much sugar leads to high blood pressure
Too much sugar leads to high cholesterol and heart disease, even Alzheimer‘s
Too much sugar cases liver disease (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)
Too much sugar can lead to obesity and insulin resistance
Added sugar increases your risk of esophageal, small intestine, colon and breast cancer
Sugar negatively impacts brain function

Now would it be fair to talk about sugar and all the negatives without researching and presenting and impartial, unbiased perspective? And with that in mind, I googled my way through various combinations of sugar, benefits, and even “are there any benefits of sugar.” And so here we go…

Too little sugar, no known negative side effects
Sugar is natural, and doesn’t pollute the environment. Also, sugar is usually free of pesticides and other harmful products
Sugar contains glycolic acid which is beneficial to the appearance and health of your skin
Naturally based, sugar also is a source of other vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron

The main thing we see pretty much daily here is that sugar is effecting not only glucose and hemoglobin A1C levels, but insulin too! Insulin is not always checked at a primary care office but our Comprehensive Blood Test includes all of the sugar levels, including glucose, A1C and insulin. We have seen glucose and A1C be perfectly normal and the person is suffering from obesity, fatigue, brain fog, inability to lose weight, hair loss and more and it is the INSULIN levels that are elevated. Insulin over a 5 can be a problem and over a 15 can be a major problem for many.

Many people battle sugar / insulin struggles, I do understand ! I grew up eating Twinkies, donuts, cookies, pop-tarts and drinkig 3-4 glasses of soda each day. Back in the 70s and 80s we really did not know how sugar effects us later on in life. Now in my 50s I too struggle with keeping my insulin levels down so my energy stays up and my weight stays down.

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