symptoms of mold exposure

Exploring the symptoms of mold exposure in a family that was healthy.

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August 23,  2023

Symptoms of Mold Exposure: My Story 

In my practice in Atlanta Ga I have seen many people with symptoms of mold exposure. I’ve taken great care of my immune system, checked for water leaks, and watched closely for any signs of mold. So, when we moved into my dream house I never imagined we would be suffering from indoor mold sickness.

When I was looking at the house I met the owners. The wife was a fight attendant and was not home often. The husband worked at home and was sickly. The home was perfect for me and my sons.

The house had a long ranch layout. It also had a separate suite for my oldest son downstairs with a full size bathroom. Additionally, there were two bedrooms on the main level including the master. We had a small bathroom in the hallway, a bathroom in my younger son’s room, and a master bathroom.

After a year, my younger sons new symptoms reminded me of clients I help at my clinic. He has only experienced allergic reactions to dander, so his shortness of breath concerned me. I was dealing with new symptoms including severe tiredness, persistent congestion and headaches. Sure I have had long term Lyme for decades but this was new.

I brought a friend into my home that is a realtor to help me figure things out. She suspected damp areas and we did find some in the downstairs suite. We found black mold growth in the downstairs shower and discovered that my older son was breathing in mold spores.

Next I had my cleaning lady and contractor come over to help. They are both wonderful ladies and understand mold allergy symptoms. They started peeling away the bathroom tile in my younger sons bathroom and there was black mold exposure. No wonder when he showered the room would have an odd odor. It was the mold.

Next came the master suite. I felt so anxious about mold exposure because I had Lyme for many years.

An exposure to mold tends to make any illness worse. My contractor and cleaning lady removed the shower tiles. I was shocked to discover that my lovely home had mold. As a mom, I felt terrible exposing my family to mold.

I now understand how mold exposure was affecting our health. Being exposed to mold was not a joke. Now I understood why the man we bought the home from was sickly.

What I Did Next to Remove Mold and Get Better

Step 1: I ran a comprehensive urine test for the different types of mold that were in me and my children.

Step 2: I had Zero Rez come out and look at the air conditioner unit and air ducts. They found black mold. They cleaned them out and put a special filter on the air conditioner unit that cost around $1200.

Step 3: I immediately changed our diets. We already eat gluten free but I took out nuts, dairy, grains, all sugars.

Step 4: We renovated our home. My contractor ripped apart the three affected bathrooms and got rid of any mold after I moved out for three weeks.

Step 5: I found someone that ozone’s homes. We spent $3000 and placed several ozone machines in our house, running them continuously for 48 hours. After 48 hours she came into the home, opened the windows, doors and aired out the home. Then we returned.

Step 6: I started the family on specific herbals based on the types of molds that appeared in our tests. We did this for 6 months. 

Step 7: I purchased this exact far infrared sauna and sat in it every other day for a few months. 

You can read more about my favorite sauna in this blog. 

What I tend to see in my practice is this. If you put Lyme or any illness on your left hand, mold on your right hand and then put them together you have a health nightmare.

If you are dealing with symptoms of mold exposure we can help.

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Here is the sauna I love and suggest to my patients. 

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Symptoms of Mold Exposure