Food Allergies: Is the Keto Diet Right For Me?

By Alane Archer, ND, CNC Many people call or come into our clinic asking us “is there a way to know is the keto diet right for me?” The answer is YES! There are tests we can run so YOU can learn which dietary lifestyle maybe best for YOU. This can be for weight

What Foods Are Right For Me?

By Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs Food is such a passion for me. I genuinely adore food for so many reasons, first and foremost, nothing brings people together like a beautiful table of food, it's a universal language! So let's understand one thing...the holidays are upon us! There will be cupcakes, cookies,

Top 6 Foods That Are Hijacking Your Appetite

By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC I truly have a food fascination! It started many years ago when I started learning how food positively affects the body and then in a negative way. Some foods will lead to increased appetite which usually leads to weight gain and what I call “food frustration”. I see clients

Slow Down to Speed Up Your Healing

By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings Life is busy! Almost anything and everything is at our fingertips, and because of this, more is demanded NOW as in "right this minute"- No, a minute is too long, how about "right this second"? You have deadlines, and so much to do, so if you

Best Summer Slim-down Secrets

By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings Summer fashions are usually made to reveal beautifully toned legs, arms, backs, and shoulders. However, summer clothes for a few may mean exposing some rolls (if you know what I am saying). There is no doubt that many are struggling with shedding their unwanted winter weight

When Your Allergies are Getting Worse

By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings When your allergies are getting worse, your first response may be to go to your doctor for a refill prescription or head out to the store for an over -the -counter antihistamine for some relief. However, medicine may not be needed at all. Most people do

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