Why It's So Important To Test For Cardiometabolic HealthBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Very few Americans have optimal metabolic health, there is no simple fix, but there are things you can do to address turning around those numbers in your favor!

Poor metabolic health starts can lead to heart / cardiovascular disease as you age. We need to prevent this from happening, so people have more manageable and healthier longevity! It usually starts with glucose or insulin starting to go high, and then hemoglobin A1C goes up next. The problem is the higher those go, the more weight someone may be gaining which is not good for your overall cardiometabolic health. Understanding your cholesterol, glucose, and insulin, and also your A1c levels will allow you to begin a new regiment, alter your diet and perhaps adding supplements may have you back to complete vitality and healthier longevity!

However, just because cholesterol is high does not mean it is BAD cholesterol, the particle size is essential to determine. If the particle size is small, that is a problem, but if they are large and fluffy, that is ok and not a problem.

If you’ve noticed changes in your weight, especially weight gain, perhaps Leptin and Insulin are to blame! These are two nasty little hormones that our body only needs in minimal amounts. Having higher ranges of these can wreak havoc and begin to show many unhealthy changes when not addressed!

Our cardiometabolic health test is much more thorough than any traditional lab test, and you will receive a full-color booklet that is easy to read and understand. We also send you a personalized protocol to help you improve health, wellness, and cardiometabolic health

Do you know what insulin is? Do you know that it should not be high
Do you know what leptin is? Do you know how it is made? DO you know what leptin being high can lead to? The answer is both of these are nasty hormones that our body should not be making so much of, they need to be low, so your weight and cardiometabolic health is good.

Why It’s So Important To Test For Cardiometabolic Health? Because YOU are important!

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