test leaky gutBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

How do we test leaky gut? We test sigA levels with a simple, stool collection kit. Making sure SigA levels are at an optimal levels is  necessary for optimal gut health and wellness.

Immune activity in the gastrointestinal tract can be assessed using SigA (leaky gut test) or secretory immunoglobulin A as a marker. SigA is an antibody / immune protein the body makes. It is also transported through the epithelial cells that line the intestines. Secretory IgA (leaky gut) is the first line of defense of the GI mucosa and is central to the normal function of the GI tract as an immune barrier. SigA plays an essential role in keeping harmful pathogens out of the body, including food particles that can cause autoimmune responses or attacks.

Understanding the leaky gut test makers is pretty simple. The lower your SigA reading, the leakier the gut is. Your protocol that comes with the test results will include nutrients and supplements to strengthen the gut lining and reverse the leaky gut. If sigA is high, the immune system is usually over reactive and there may be an abundance of mucous.

One example for high sigA:  a 10-year old boy is constantly congested. We usually think sigA will be low.  But in this case, SigA was high, which is suggestive of several food intolerances. We did comprehensive food intolerance testing, adjusted his diet, and things cleared up.

One example for low SigA: Female age 50 comes in stating she reacts to everything she is eating. A test for leaky gut was indicated, so we did a stool test on her.  SigA is low, which means food particles are most likely passing through the gut lining since it is weak and her immune system is overly attacking them, which attacks her.

How do we test for leaky gut and help you feel better? You order a stool test, avoid gut supports for 5-7 days and the collection day. Results are emailed to you with a protocol based on the results in about 3-4 weeks. You get clear answers and a direct path to healing leaky gut and enjoying improved gut wellness.

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Test Leaky Gut: Wondering how to test for leaky gut? We do that in our comprehensive stool test.