By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

test for vitamin deficiencyAmino acids can be considered an important transport system in the body. They help to transport and store several important nutrients our body needs. Amino acids are important in sleep, mood and for our performance levels.

Let’s take L-Glutamine for example, it is one of the most well known amino acids. I use it daily to help with absorption levels and strength. When stress is occurring L -Glutamine is needed even more. It helps reduce stress, supports a healthy immune system and helps prevent weaknesses in the gut lining which cause leaky gut syndrome. When the immune system is challenged and not working as well the intestinal mucosa can lose its protective effect. For stress support, L-Glutamine helps the body make the neurotransmitter GABA which helps keep us calm. So a deficiency in Glutamine may cause more anxiety then there should be.

Glutamine can help improve brain focus. Glutamine is transformed into glutamic acid in the brain to support brain focus and performance. It functions as a fuel to ignite brain activity.

L- Glutamine plus other amino acids are part of our test for vitamin deficiency. It is simple to order. Just order through our online store, we find a local lab for you to go for your blood draw. The lab sends the sample to our lab that runs the test. Results and a comprehensive protocol are mailed to you in about 4 weeks.

Would you like to test for vitamin deficiency and learn more about your vitamin and amino acid levels?: Order TODAY!

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