testing for skin problemsBy Michelle Tuffs and Alane Archer, ND, CNC

Oh, how do I even begin to tell you about my skin problems? My entire life I’ve had cystic acne, sun damage, scars and on and on! Had I known when I was seeing a dermatologist at age 15 that testing for skin problems via food intolerance testing, was an option that could have saved me from an enormous lack of confidence I probably would’ve been the first female President!

However, I didn’t know, so our team at Nutritionally Yours is here to inform and help you recover from this crushing condition. We all, at some point in life, tend to have a few skin issues and probably the usual treatments come into play. But, what if you were open to new ideas, a new way to approach your skin issues?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, the integumentary system, and there it is, out and about for everyone to see so, it’s incredibly important to take care of this significant part of our body for so many reasons. More often than not, testing for skin problems via thinking about any genetic cause, food intolerance, gut health, or autoimmunity are missed as a possible cause. Think about what may have triggered your immune system to attack your skin suddenly? Was it a pizza? Maybe but maybe not! However, without testing, you won’t know the cause, and the problem will keep occurring.

Think of your skin from the inside out. What vitamins could you be lacking in your diet that would heal your gut and in turn begin to bring about a complete change, maybe a glow that your skin has been lacking for a long time! L-Glutamine and Betaine HCL are superheroes at improving gut and skin health.

Without proper root cause testing for skin problems, the issues will only continue and believe me, after 40 long years let me save you buckets of money and time wasted on trying every product only to be disappointed. Finding the root cause of WHY and WHAT your skin is reacting to will open up a chapter in your life you
had no idea existed! When you are confident and look stunning, there’s no stopping you so take my advice and call about test kits for your situation.

We are here to bring that fabulous skin back to life!

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Testing to Consider

Igg – IgE Food Testing

Comprehensive  Stool Test

Saliva Hormones and Adrenal Cortisol

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