By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

mold test, mold environment, mold allergy Is mold affecting you? If so, how much is mold affecting you? Mold, it is so sneaky, and its effects are different depending on the situation and who is involved. You cannot always avoid mold, which can be difficult if you are allergic to it. The reason why mold is so difficult to avoid is because mold spores are in the air and you cannot see them. Furthermore, you could be unaware that you are consuming mold through food because it starts spreading before it is even visible- which is another reason why mold is sneaky. Mold reactivity can easily be mistaken for the common cold since the common symptoms of mold are very similar to respiratory issues.

Because moisture is required for mold to grow, you can prevent mold from spreading in your home by doing some simple things. For instance, if you have a water leak, have it repaired and dry up any water that will allow the mold to continue growing. Keep the shower, sink and toilet areas clean to avoid mold and mildew build up. Rake up leaves and discard them because wet leaves are a breeding ground for mold. Mold likes to grow in dark and damp places like basements and attics, so make sure those places are dry too! For bigger mold problems you may have to call in a mold specialist, to eliminate the mold professionally. Mold can be severe for someone who has allergies or a weakened immune system.

Some symptoms that mold can cause are:
• Itchy eyes, nose, and throat
• Asthma
• Wheezing
• Watery or irritated eyes
• Dry, scaly skin
• Nasal congestion
• Runny nose
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Brain Confusion
• Bloating, Gas, Poor Digestion
• Sudden skin eruptions

If you have any of these symptoms, seriously consider testing for mold allergies with our Mold Allergy Test Kit. Prolonged exposure to mold for someone who is allergic or reactive can cause severe health implications. So, don’t risk your health, find out today if you are allergic to mold. If you are positive for mold allergies, a protocol will be given with the test results to help support your immune system. Stop the Mold Effect today!

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