By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

food intolerance blood test Many people eat the Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet includes healthy vegetables, free range eggs, grass fed meats, organic chicken and turkey, pork, wild caught fish, seeds, healthy fats and fruit. Missing from the diet are grains. Many people notice health improvements when they remove grains from the diet. Giving up grains is not easy for everyone and it may not be necessary to give up ALL the grains.

Over the years, I have battled a variety of auto immune conditions I have tried many different diets in hope of seeing improvements. First I stopped gluten, then I stopped dairy. I quickly felt somewhat better with each change in diet. I then started studying to fully understanding the science behind the Paleo diet and I gave that diet a good try.

Two days into the Paleo Diet, I noticed some improvements! I started losing some excess weight and my energy improved! After a few months of totally eating no grains I wondered if I could ever eat corn tortillas or rice ever again and how would I feel.

The next week, I ate some brown rice and felt fine. Then I ate some corn tortillas and felt bloated. Next I ate buckwheat and I really wish I had not done that because I had stomach pains for days. After some trial and error with grains I decided I needed to get more specific and know for sure which grains were not good for me so I ran a food intolerance blood test that focused on grains. The test results were just as I suspected. I was reacting to all the grains strongly but rice was borderline so it may be safe for me to eat once in awhile.

Everyone I talk to and meet at my clinic is different. We all have our own individual set of health challenges, some are similar to mine and some are totally different. Some challenges include IBS, weight gain, auto immunity, thyroid disease , skin eruptions etc etc. I fully believe in doing a food intolerance blood test before starting any dietary changes, including a full Paleo diet, that way you know for sure what your food intake should be!

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