thyroid glandBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC 

My Thyroid Gland Story and How Fixing it Helped Me Heal.  

Back around 1993, I was pretty frustrated with my health and weight. My hair was thinning, my weight was increasing, and my energy was almost nonexistent. I went to several doctors in the area to help me figure this out, but it became a frustrating mystery to all. Deep down, I knew it had to do with my thyroid gland, but my TSH was always within range. 

As I studied naturopathy and holistic nutrition, I knew there had to be a simple answer for my symptoms. Plus, the more I talked to my friends who were the same age as me, they would say, when you figure it out, let me know because I feel the same way! 

After I finished school, I took continuing education classes. One fascinating class was on the thyroid gland and autoimmune thyroid. I sat in the back row. I was pretty ashamed of the weight I had gained, and I was so tired all the time I did not want the teacher to see me yawn if I got tired. The class was terrific, and I never got tired, even though I had to sit and take notes for over 10 hours at a shot. The doctor was from California, and he was very easy to understand.

Some of the things he taught were that TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) should be under 2.0. Make sure to test the patient’s T3 and Free T3 levels, do not leave them out! And make sure to check for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which leads to thyroid autoimmunity. I have to admit, on the first day there; I had no idea what Hashimoto’s was! But the more I learned, the more I understood it.

A sluggish thyroid gland can cause

weight gain

 hair loss

 hot flashes,



 brain fog

hot or cold flashes 

dry skin 

high cholesterol 

Hashimoto’s can cause

weight gain

 hair loss

 Rapid heart rate

 food intolerances, especially to grains


 trouble sleeping



 brain fog


I could not wait to get back to work on Monday and run complete thyroid gland testing on myself. I knew the answers to my symptoms would be in the thyroid gland labs. And it was! My TSH was a 4.0 (to be diagnosed by a traditional doctor with hypothyroid my TSH had to be 4.5 or higher, but the functional medicine doctor that taught the class stated that TSH should be under a 2.0. WOW! And my Free T3 was almost nonexistent. Free T3 was never tested before. And of course, I also had Hashimoto’s and had to learn how to get rid of gluten grains, which I did.

And after just two weeks on proper thyroid gland support and a gluten-free diet, I was back! I felt like myself again, only better! This was a life-changing class and test for me!

Over the years, I have learned other items that need to be properly tested to make sure people feel the best they can. So I put together a blood test panel that checks ALL of them. I review all the test results that come in, plus I write up an all-natural, health-supportive protocol to help you feel your best!

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