thyroid symptomsBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Whoa to those of us suffering from thyroid symptoms and our labs say we are fine! Having thyroid problems symptoms may feel like an army of trolls have taken over, and you have no idea how to get rid of them! I am part of the “Hypo Club,” and the Hashimoto’s Club and I understand your pain and frustration! For two decades I was told my thyroid symptoms were nothing but then once I ran more thorough thyroid tests, I discovered that I did have not one, but two thyroid problems, Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s. 

Misdiagnosis is far too common and leaves you desperately searching for a term to research when you get back home to learn about how to get yourself healthy right? We know how we feel…BUT we also know what it feels like when our blood work doesn’t represent what we are feeling and trying to explain.  We begin to seem or even feel like we are spinning our wheels and anyone we explain this too may think we are a little, maybe coo-coo? I promise you are not! People are smart, they know when something is off, they just need someone to listen, believe and prove them right and show they what to do. 

At Nutritionally Yours we listen to clients daily who have had this same scenario play out right before their eyes. Finding thyroid highs and lows is extremely complex. If your thyroid is “off,” you WILL experience thyroid symptoms. These can range from hair loss, significant fatigue, cold or hot flashes, depression, brain fog, dry skin, lack of appetite, to weight gain or inability to lose weight.

You may have hypothyroidism and have normal TSH and T4 ranges. Most conventional settings do not check your Free T3 numbers, so this leaves you with no answer. Still looking for the next suggestion on a girls night out or a perhaps a conversation in the grocery store line to find that place that will CORRECT the problem and not just treat the symptoms with a band aid!

By purchasing one of our two thyroid blood tests, you can learn your TSH, Free T4, Free T3 levels and antibodies! .We offer two simple options for thyroid problems symptoms testing. 

1. Blood Draw – consider comprehensive thyroid symptom testing OR  our top comprehensive blood tests (which includes the thyroid) . We will find you a facility near you to draw the blood. There is usually a small fee to the facility for it. After we get the test results, we analyze them, email you the results and a personalized protocol to help you feel healthier. 

2. Blood Spot – this is a finger prick blood spot thyroid symptoms test which can be done in your home or office. It tests for most of the same items. You also get a personalized protocol with test results.

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