By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

Thyroid Test at HomeThe thyroid gland is as complicated as it is important. Sometimes, we find that traditional methods of testing are not thorough enough. Do your symptoms point to thyroid imbalance but your TSH or blood tests are normal? Maybe an at home thyroid test can provide you with more answers. We recommend a blood spot thyroid test to look comprehensively at thyroid health markers. For example, the first thing we look at is TSH. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is produced by the pituitary gland and is the most common marker to assess thyroid function. Keep in mind that testing TSH is not enough – it only shows pituitary feedback to the thyroid. For example, if the thyroid is not producing enough FT4, the pituitary produces more TSH to stimulate the thyroid.

Our thyroid test at home also shows the amount of active or free levels of T4, as well as the amount of active or free T3 hormones. We also look for TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibodies) which is a Hashimoto’s marker. IgF-1 (human growth hormone) is the last thing we look at and is a marker of pituitary health. IgF-1 helps to keep the thyroid healthy and functioning well. Blood spot tests are simple and easy. If you want to keep your thyroid healthy, go with our comprehensive at home test.

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