thyroid test By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Here are some benefits of a good thyroid test.

When I was little, I had so much energy! Looking back, I don’t know how my mom handled the three of us girls without getting a good thyroid test.  Being in my late 50s, I have a genuine appreciation for her and her valuable nap time. But now I understand WHY she needed a nap and why I was so tired after having children. I have learned that it has helped thousands of people that our thyroid has to work correctly to have the energy to do what we want in life. YES, it is that simple!

After having baby #2, I got fatigued, and that was not ok. Yes, I had two kids (very active boys), but I should have been able to play with them and keep up with them easily. Something had changed after I started having children, and it was not easy to find. I am so grateful that I did, and I felt better immediately.

I sat in a thyroid class many years ago. I drank coffee and tea to stay awake because I knew this class had valuable information to learn to help myself and others. The doctor taught TSH levels, and how the traditional lab range is up to 4.5, so many people with hypothyroid via a thyroid test are missed. He taught that the healthiest TSH levels for someone to feel healthy and have top energy is 2.0, and Free T4 needs to be there are healthy levels and convert to Free T3, which needs to be around a 3.0.

When I thought about my fatigue, brain fog, and past thyroid blood test levels, I realized no one had ever run Free t3 or t4, and I had no idea where my TSH was. I had to find out why my mom was so tired after having three babies and why I also got tired after two babies.

That following Monday, as soon as the lab was open, I got a comprehensive thyroid test with all of the markers needed to know how my thyroid function was. No surprise, but my TSH was greater than a 3.0, and my Free t3 was so low it was barely there. Plus, I had thyroid antibodies which the teacher also spoke of, and I now knew I had to change my diet. WOW, without taking that thyroid class and without a proper thyroid test, I would still be tired. Being tired is NOT ok for this busy woman that loves life and staying active.

I call myself a past Thyroid Zombie that is feeling healthy, happy, and alive again! 

When you run a thyroid blood test via my virtual clinic, you get a personalized protocol from me. My natural thyroid supports work great to help you feel better and have more energy to live life fuller and get more accomplished than you want.

How Do I Know This Works? Well, I will never forget one busy day at my clinic. I was rushing a bit to get to work and forgot a few things. I had more patients than usual, and I wanted to get to work a little earlier. The morning was fine, but around 2 pm, I looked at my assistant and sadly asked her to cancel the afternoon patients. She seemed somewhat concerned as I have never asked that of her. I went home, jumped into bed, and slept for 3 hours. When I woke up, I was concerned as I am not ordinarily tired like that. I looked around for what happened and found my thyroid support – goodness gracious, I had forgotten to take it that morning. No wonder I was so tired.

Now I keep my thyroid support in a little pink pillbox, and I take it first thing in the morning as I never want to cancel on patients again, and I have not.

Over the years, I learned that mom has hypothyroid, and so did grandma. Interesting how we all came down with hypothyroid after having babies. Grandma lived to me 92 years old and was active until the day she had her heart attack. She worked out every day at her gym and was known as the Gym Queen. I think that was because someone found her thyroid problem in a thyroid test, and she was able to enjoy an active and long life.

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