Tired of Being Tired? Comprehensive Thyroid Testing May Be NeededBy Michelle Tuffs and Alane Archer, ND, CNC

Our moms always told us if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of anyone else right? But it seems that Tired of Being Tired is the new normal these days! What if there was a simple test to understand the reason or reasons why you are just not entirely yourself? Maybe you have a sluggish thyroid which creates a sluggish YOU? So many people go un-diagnosed because of traditional lab results that are within specific ranges, or they haven’t tested for the thyroid hormones, Free T3 and Free T4? Perhaps these guys need a boost?

Thyroid Testing is the key to better health but testing with a comprehensive thyroid test kit offers so much more, it’s learning exactly what is happening and why. Feeling tired constantly is overwhelming, and there’s no reason to allow this to alter your lifestyle. At Nutritionally Yours we offer an in-home thyroid test kit or a blood draw.  One is called the Thyroid Blood Spot Test which tests for TSH, Free T4, Free T3 and also TPO which if positive suggests autoimmune activity against the thyroid. The other is a blood draw which can be done at LabCorp.

Being a former “Hypothyroid Zombie”, I can relate to the symptoms and chaos it causes. Busy moms and dads who multitask, not to mention our kids are returning to school, sports for everyone and then the weekend comes after a LONG week and we drag ourselves to the sofa! Today I have so much energy (just ask Alane!) and so will you. Begin your journey back to health with more than enough energy to tackle whatever life brings with Nutritionally Yours. Being Tired of Being Tired will no longer be part of your vocabulary!

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