By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Aren’t these two cute or what? Did you know that your tongue has a lot to say to you about your health?

If you have ever been told to watch your tongue, you may have been given a warning or scolding, but when it comes to your health, “literally watching” your tongue can reveal a wealth of information about your health according to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine which has been practiced for a millennia. The tongue can provide information about your health from issues like pneumonia to bronchitis and other problematic health concerns. Check out some of the signs that your tongue gives.

Signs that YOUR Tongue Gives About Your Health

• A scalloped tongue around the edge could be an indicator that nutrients are not being absorbed which is commonly caused by a weak digestive system, a food allergy, thyroid issue, or inflammation in the gut.

• White spots in the center of the tongue could indicate intestinal toxins.

• A tongue that is red around the edge but with a white deposit in the center usually means that there are digestive issues plus a buildup of impurities and toxins in the small intestines.

• A cracked tongue can mean that there is also poor digestion.

Those are just a few signs that the tongue can give but there are much more that can help you uncover hidden health issues like thyroid, anemia, parasites, and Candida yeast overgrowth, to name a few.

I bet you went to take a look at your tongue in the mirror, didn’t you? I do not blame you one bit; I did the same thing too:) I was pretty impressed to see that my tongue DID indeed indicate that I have a thyroid issue (which I already knew I did), but it was neat to see that my tongue did not lie!

If you have a tongue that is covered in a thick white coating and bad breath, then your immune system is most likely struggling, which means that there is a battle going on in your digestive system with a yeast Candida overgrowth problem. If you experience these symptoms regularly, you should highly consider performing our Candida Yeast Stool Test.

Candida Symptoms
Sugar and Carb Cravings
Gas and Bloating
Brain Fog
Skin Issues
Autoimmune Disease

If your tongue is trying to tell you that you have Candida, do something about it by taking our Candida Yeast Stool Test! Our Candida test is simple to do, and it comes with a natural protocol so that you can improve YOUR health and wellness!

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