Best Gifts for DadBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Dads are special and forever hold precious memories in our hearts. Dads do all the piggy back rides, first time learning to ride a bike, getting into the pool or going to the beach for the first time. There is something special about how a father can make us feel safe, loved, and secure. So, naturally this Father’s Day you want to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. Check out some of the top 10 best gifts for Father’s Day 2017!

Nowadays, everyone is busy. Who has time to go shopping? Thanks to technology we can shop before we even get out of the bed (on our smartphones)! My favorite go-to shop for “most things” is However, when I want something a bit more unique my other favorite online shopping stop is Right now, you can shop the Top Father’s Day Gifts at either online stores for a variety of ideas that your dad will love! You can find many of the gifts on this list here plus more!

1. Amazon Echo for the digital dad
2. Personal or Personalized drink container for his favorite drink. Whether it be a green drink, coffee, wine, beer or whiskey you can find something that he will enjoy check out
3. Bottle of wine of another favorite drink.
4. A Watch for the dapper dad from
5. T-shirt, has some of the best choices for Father’s Day!
6. A Drone for the kid in him:) You can check one out here.
7. Shave Kit or Beard Grooming Kit. has a nice selection.
8. Eno for the outdoorsy kind of dad.
9. Plan an event, like a beach day, picnic day, hiking day, or whatever dad is into, after all, it is Father’s Day!

All these gifts are great, but the BEST gift any dad could ever have is his health. After my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had to think twice about what I wanted to give him this year because he enjoys my baking so much. However, sweets may not be the best choice for my dad considering that cancer likes to feed off of sugar. So, I want to keep him healthy!

That is why I think it is a pretty good idea to help a dad out by getting him a Comprehensive Blood Test Kit as a gift for Father’s Day. Besides, how many fathers do you know of that look forward to doctors appointments or who will actually spoil themselves financially? Most dads do not do either. With our Comprehensive Blood Test, your “pops” can go to get his blood draw when it is convenient for him to, test for his overall health and get a FREE test explanation and protocol on helping him achieve better health and wellness!  That is why there is no better time than Father’s Day to show Your father how much his health matters too. Happy Father’s Day!

10. To shop for your dad’s health, click here!

Dad is worth it, after all, His Health is Priceless!

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