By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

boost energy, adrenal fatigueIt seems like each year goes by super quick! To top it off, the end of the year can be is so busy with holiday preparations and end of the year deadlines, that you may have felt a bit strained for energy. Now, here we are at the very beginning of 2017, will you have enough energy to make it through another year? You will if you take good care of yourself and support natural ways to boost your energy levels! Here are five ways to boost your energy in 2017.

Sleep is one way to increase your energy, and it makes sense because if you do not get the recommended amount of sleep you will feel sluggish throughout the day. You can also try adding a power nap into your routine for a quick boost too! If you have trouble sleeping go to, online store and take a look at the Braintime program. Alane uses this every night and it works great!

Vitamin B is also an excellent supplement to add for that much-needed energy. You can also increase your intake of Vitamin B with foods such as meats, eggs, leafy greens, salmon, sardines, liver, mackerel and dairy (for people that are not dairy intolerant).

Exercise. We are not asking you to join a gym or run a marathon, just get moving. You can take a brisk walk in the sunshine while on a work break. Walking will help you feel refreshed without making you feel overexerted. Walking in the sunlight outside will also contribute to your well-being. If you like to exercise indoors, try purchasing one piece of exercise equipment like a bike and use it 30 minutes each day.

Nutrition plays a significant role in our energy levels and eating the wrong foods can cause us to feel sluggish. Drink the right amount of water daily, or you could be slowing down your metabolism which will affect your energy. Also, opt for healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, fruit, proteins and non starchy veggies.

Reduce stress levels. Emotional stress causes physical stress on the body, particularly on the adrenal glands. When the adrenal glands are stressed, you will feel tired no matter how much sleep you get and this condition is called Adrenal Fatigue. If you have tried to rest, eat well, and exercise but are still exhausted, adrenal fatigue could be the culprit. Not sure if you have adrenal fatigue but suspect that you might? You can find out by taking our Adrenal Fatigue Test Kit, which will include a supportive protocol to help you get your energy back! Start the year off right by boosting your energy in 2017!

To check your energy levels (Adrenals) or to get started, click here!

We care about you and want you to have the energy to be and do your best this year!

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