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By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

I truly have a food fascination! It started many years ago when I started learning how food positively affects the body and then in a negative way. Some foods will lead to increased appetite which usually leads to weight gain and what I call “food frustration”. I see clients come in with ravenous appetites and when we remove some of the “trigger” foods they return with a normal appetite and feel and look less bloated and inflamed.

Which foods can hijack your appetite and lead to weight gain and frustration?
Gluten: which is in wheat, oat, rye, barley, slept, MSG, barley, malt. Did you know that wheat can stimulate the same receptors in your brain as morphine and heroin? Wheat gluten can give you a “wheat addiction” which is hard to break but once it is broken the rewards will be felt! The wheat protein also has something called “Prodynorphine” in it which causes PAIN! Many times when someone removes gluten from their diet, their pain and inflammation levels come down too.
Processed foods: give us the “bliss” we want to feel when we eat. That perfect blend of salt, fat, sugar, and additives that make food intentionally addictive
Sugar: We have gone from a sugary treat 1 time a week to a sugary daily treat. Sugar gives your brain a boost of dopamine, the neurotransmitter in charge of the brain’s pleasure-reward system. These sugary foods give you more dopamine but this can lead to wanting more and more sugar pleasure. The more sugar someone eats, the more weight they usually gain, and the higher their hemoglobin Aic and insulin levels will go.
Diet Soda: There is a falseness with diet soda that it will help people not gain weight. In reality, diet soda does the exact opposite! There’s evidence that long-term diet soda consumption is fueling the obesity epidemic and causes an increase in body mass index (BMI), a marker of general good health. Just like sugar, people can feel “addicted” to the artificial sweeteners in the diet soda.
Grains: As I researched the autoimmune Paleo diet I learned a lot about how the proteins in grains negatively affect the body. I have found it fascinating that when I eat protein, good fat and fruit only I am not as hungry. But when I eat protein, a starch like rice and fruit I get “hangry” later on. The proteins in the grains can have cross reactivity to gluten and effect the body just like gluten does.
Snack Bars: Take a look at the amount of sugar in those not so healthy bars. They are loaded with sugar! This can cause you to feel extra hungry after you eat the bar and need more food to satisfy the hunger.

So what can you do about this? How can you un-hijack your appetite and enjoy a normal appetite?

1. Read up on Paleo Dieting and its benefits.
2. Reduce sugars of all kinds in your diets. Yes you can do it, just need a little willpower
3. Drink water and if you need something more, try an electrolyte (sugar-free) powder in your water.
4. Identify which food triggers you have and eliminate them. Triggers can be IgG (delayed reaction time.) or IgE (immediate reaction time) .
5. Try removing gluten for 2 weeks from your diet and see how you feel. Most people feel less hungry, lose a little weight and have a clear head.
6. Consider a 1-hour phone appt with us to teach you valuable dietary improvements to your everyday life.

Take back your appetite, stop getting it hijacked by food!

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