exercises to beat breast cancer by Alane Archer, ND, CNC

We’ve all got that one Facebook friend—we’ll call her The Extreme Exerciser. You know the one. She’s run her daily half-marathon, done 55 AMRAPs at Cross Fit, and posted a sweaty picture to prove it—all before you’ve had breakfast. Good for her! But when your fighting or protecting your body from serious illness, you don’t need to go extreme. More and more, it’s becoming clear that a different route is the right one for those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Inflammation in the body can be an indicator that something is wrong. And lowering inflammation levels can be incredibly healing to the body no matter what the health issues are.

Here are three exercises to consider if you are battling breast cancer or concerned about breast cancer.

1. Walking. This simple act is one of the best, and most accessible exercises for anyone, but especially for women trying to beat breast cancer. A brisk 40 minute to 1-hour walk brings oxygen into all the internal organs. That’s in stark contrast to vigorous exercise, which pumps oxygen into the brain, heart, and muscles but leaves all those organs lacking it. Oxygen is an excellent resource in reducing inflammation, and walking can help your organs get exactly what they need.

2. Tai Chi and Yoga. Both of these practices produce endorphins, the hormones that reduce cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes inflammation in the body, links to cancer-causing genes, and helps cancer spread.

3. Meditation. While not the same kind of exercise you often think of when you consider working out, meditating after exercise can also produce endorphins. Endorphins can be extremely health corrective—they fight the inflammation that is so harmful to breast cancer patients. They also stimulate the immune system.

Breast cancer can feel like a betrayal by your body, but these simple activities can help your body as you fight inflammation and breast cancer. You don’t have to be an Extreme Exerciser to enjoy health benefits in your life. Walking, tai chi, yoga, and meditation are all exercises that can be extremely beneficial to the breast cancer patient and the non-breast cancer patient.

Inflammation markers can indicate there may be a health challenge. If you’re curious about possible inflammation in your body, or harmfully high levels of certain hormones, these can be discovered through comprehensive tests.

Two tests that can help:
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2) Saliva hormones and cortisol test: Click Here
(even if blood levels of hormones are normal saliva hormones may show they are abnormal)

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